Nuke? Does it scale well?

I have been considering using Nuke with my Explosive build. is it worth it, and does the damage scale to op8? Thank you!

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It does scale to OP8, but you won’t be one-shotting very many critters with it (much the same way it behaves in early UVHM). Seriously, slagged and wounded Varkid larvae, for example, are on that menu. When I want to get down with Nuke, I use a Gemini/Nuke build (which is a little awkward - without Double Up, I have to slag my own targets). This gives me two Nuke shots (which is often what’s needed to kill an enemy or knock it around properly), which I then recall as soon as possible. With an Engineer COM and +5 in Resourceful (and a cooldown COM if I’m feeling nutty, but it’s not really needed), they recharge fairly quickly for another re-application of a couple of Nukes.

If you’re expecting a single Nuke shot to kill enemies otherwise at full health, you will need to bring it down a playthrough or two. Single Nuke shots are best used, in my opinion, for its knockback effect: throw them off a cliff or knock them into a corner and pin them there with the turret, for example.

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Triad Thunder’s Last Man Standing build for Axton makes use of the Nuke and I’m using it now- it will knock back everyone and strip most of the shields of any any enemy that has one (roughly 80%-90% of it), making it good to disperse mobs. Once they get hit with the Nuke the turret itself can kill any heavily wounded small fry while Axton clears out the rest…

Thanks guys! I think for being a Capstone, the nuke should be buffed by explosive and grenade damage. It just makes sense.

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Yeah axton is my main but I hate the nuke. If it got explosive and grenades buff it would be a good capstone

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I heard it has the same damage as an unboosted Nukem launcher shot, and idea if that is true?

What nukem would it be based on? But that claim sounds fishy to me

I’m glad someone else likes using the build, too.

I know people complain about how the Nuke makes a visual mess when it goes off, but I’ve used it so much that I’ve gotten used to it. I sometimes hear reports that the Nuke does not do any damage, and I always wonder if people are slagging enemies first. If you’re not doing that, then yeah, it won’t be as effective. The versatility of that skill is just too great for me to pass up.


Assuming you deployed it against an at-level (Lvl 80, for instance if you play on OP8 difficulty) enemy that’s been slagged beforehand, it’ll do roughly 27 million damage. That’s as much as a Fastball at base damage (with no character buffs).


Dde, i am a HUGE fan of your videos! The only thing that makesbit hard is just when i think i have the best gear, i watch your video.s and realize how mediocre my existence is.

Ha, thanks! To be honest, I think if you have a solid build and play style, then you can make almost any piece of gear work. Having good gear does make things a little easier, though.

For me, strategy plays a much more important role than gear does. It helps me develop the best ways to approach a situation and come out alive.

Don’t feel the need to compare yourself to others, though. Everyone has their own style of play, and it should be whatever that person finds to be fun.


I know your videos are xbox, but do you have a ps3? Also, how in the hell did you get that Big Boom Blaster you used on the Warrior?

No, I just have a 360.

I got the Big Boom Blaster from farming Pyro Pete (the raid boss version). It took a lot of farming, but I eventually got the three elemental resistance versions (fire, corrosive and shock).

Unfortunately ^This

I’m on the other side of the fence on Nuke.

It absolutely destroys your situational awareness and stops targeting and movement for a couple of critical seconds and the payoff for that loss does not compensate.

At least for me and my play style.

But I have friends who love it and I will say that it “seems” a lot more effective at OP8 than say Level 61 as Nuke IS NOT hit with the OP damage reduction penalties and seems to scale better in the OP levels.

I say simply try it out for a while and if it fits, wear it. Otherwise save yourself the extra points it takes to go down that tree for investment into Double Up and/or Gemini.