"Nuke skill" detonator idea, as cool as it sounds :D

This skill for Axton is not very useful at all (My opinion, others may find use for it, but I certainly don’t.) Especially in higher levels, even more so if the enemies are not slagged.
So I think I have a better idea for this skill.

How would it work?

Once spec’d into “Nuke” you would now be able to prematurely end the turrets lifetime by detonating it (Nuking it). Additionally once the turret duration runs dry it would then explode anyway - because why not?


  • Less mindless. Would requires thought to use effectively. (ie slag enemies before detonation etc.)
  • Remote cool-down recovery, Like Wilhelm being able to prematurely end his action skill before the duration of it runs out.


  • If you plan on destroying your turret upon deployment? Well, if this change is introduced you will just have to press F one more time after initial deployment of the Sabre Turret. Which to be honest isn’t that big of a deal, pressing buttons is not hard.

Game is 4 years old, does this post have any relevance? Maybe, IF Axton is a playable character in the next Borderlands game, I think it would definitely make sense to implement this change.

Thanks for reading,
Kind regards from Ferrett321

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