Number of players in multiplayer

The maps in multiplayer are massive even in the game mode incursion i always feel like there’s a player missing or could be there. my point is that i think it should be 6v6 on incursion instead of 5v5 I feel like it would add a lot more chaos and more variety of players and characters in one game. This would probably increase the time of matchmaking. but i think it would be a good idea.

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a single quick match queue wouldn’t be possible anymore if the modes had a different number of players and splitting the player base isn’t a good idea right now i’m afraid.


This would be fun but I get the feeling there’s a reason there’s only 5. They didn’t want multiple fights happening everywhere and 6 may be just enough to push that


Wouldn’t work
5 helps to eliminate stalemates
For instance on Meltdown, it’s usually a 3-2 split which requires back and forth movement

3-3 split would most likely take forever

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Notice that OP talked about 6v6 in Incursion, not Meltdown.
A different thing, though I still don’t think it’d work.

We don’t need inq teames with Benny, Gali, Ernest, Orendi, Ambra and Alani :joy:
Double support with that killing power would be ridiculous.

And that’s not even taking into account how two extra players would otherwise affect the mode. The sentries r way too weak already.
Though the possibility for sextuples is there…


I just think six on six would make things way too busy, especially at the objectives and choke points. People already complain that there’s too much chaos on screen sometimes (though I’ve never had too much of a problem with it).

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Incursion is already chaotic and even overwhelming for the newcomers on 5v5. A 6v6 would make Incursion even more fast paced but certain characters would probably need a health boost to remain competitive.