Numerous items just vanished from backpack

Hello everyone.
Not sure if this is the correct place to put this:
Loaded my game this morning. Started in Concordia.
Sold something in the vending machine
and proceded going around dumpster diving and checking lockers like I do every time I start.
I go back to a vending machine and notice my backpack looks wrong.
Couldn’t put my finger on it for a couple of seconds.
Then I realize numerous items are gone.
I briefly wondered if I did something.
I look in the buyback and there is most of my stuff!
I freak out and buy it all back not knowing what the hell happened.
Then a minute later several items that I had just bought back just disappeared.
I went to every vending machine in Concordia
hoping the rest of my stuff might have ended up back in there.
I had 36 or 38 items in my back when I started this morning.
Now I only have 20.
All but one of my Glitched weapons have disappeared
along with numerous other purple and blue guns.
My Rank, Moonstones, money and equipped items are all untouched.
My Golden keys are fine too.
I’ve looked online and checked the search function here for poeple experiencing something similar.
On the forums here I only saw one person posting something about this–and he got one reply.
This is really aggravating.
I play on PS3, I don’t play online with anyone ever, I don’t mod anything ever.
No funny business.
I just play solo-- “the simple regular way”.
My game didn’t suddenly crash or doing anything crazy.
A lot of my inventory just jumped to the vending machine like I sold them all.
And then many of them just vanished after that–or prior–i don’t know.
Never had any problems with the game before–certainly nothing like this.
I was going to ask about filing a ticket.
But I guess there is nothing that can be done.

Wondering if you accidentally hit the Sell All button by any chance? That sells every item that you haven’t marked with a gold star. I’ve done this a few times.

I also remember a bug on TPS , when buying an item from a vending machine, it automatically sold your equipped item. I’ll bet that’s what happened.

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Thanks for the reply UntilValhalla.
I don’t know anything about a Sell All button.
Not sure I’ve noticed that function before.
You’d think as butterfingers as I am a lot of the time that I’d gone through this before.
But it has never happened.
My equipped items were untouched. They never moved–never left during this incident.
And none of them are starred.
Actually, I have never starred any of my weapons before. Perhaps going forward I should?
It was the backpack were the drama happened.
But like I said, even when I caught it and bought it all back–
I thought, “Whoa. What the hell happened here? But whew. ok. Strange Problem Solved.”
For a few seconds I was relieved and just really glad the items were there in the Buyback.
But then I quickly realized a lot of it was still missing.
To be honest, it actually seemed as if items kind of just dropped out of my backpack
and disappeared as I was watching.
And, after that, I ran around all over Concordia checking everywhere–
not knowing what good that would do–but I did it anyway.
I know when you leave an area any items available in the vendor Buyback delete/disappear–
so I never left Concordia for like an hour–just in case.
I even quit the game without saving.
I just made sure the yellow light wasn’t blinking
and powered off the PS3–praying everything would be back to normal when I came back.
No and nope.
It really really sucks.
Like the other person who had a similar issue, his items were also just missing inexplicably.
He never said if they were ever recovered.
I suppose my only (small) consolation is that my Athena just leveled to 69.
All–well, most–of my items would probably have had to have been sold
and replaced at some point anyway.
My Boganella shotgun is gone.
I used the hell out of her for quite a while but I was tired of her mouth.
I switched to the Casual Torguemada as my main shotgun.
I hate that all those Glitched guns are gone too. And my MiNAC laser.
But I am very glad that Freezing Fridgia was left untouched–it was equipped anyway.
It’s really weird–my Freezing Fridgia is Level 50–don’t even even remember how I obtained it–
but I am Level 69 and it still wrecks ass.
It’s one I always keep equipped.

Happened to me too, but on Xbox. Try submitting a support ticket, ot asking one of the GBX employees about it.

i also had this happen on the PS3 version before, and thought I was good after I seen they were sold and could buy them back, Nope, after a bit they disappeared to. Lucky I backup my saves on usb a lot, cause that’s what I had to do to fix it was restore save from backup and everything was fine after that, Just one of the many bugs the PreSequel has that just hits once in a blue moon, but it does happen. Doubt there is gonna ever be a fix for it, Just backup ALOT when it comes to the presuquel. Sorry if it doesn’t help

Same thing happened to me yesterday, I was in the box selling things, then I noticed all my items were sold!! I did NOT hit Y and sell all. Ive been playing this game a damn long time, I know how to sell and buy. Of course I did not notice I had done it until after I saved and quit the game, I WAS FARMING FOR LEGENDARIES, so I lost everything. So luckily my cousin and I share all our equipment and he was able to drop it all back to me!! Now today Im back farming, selling things in the cabinet again, and bam all my guns sold out from under me again! Luckily this time I noticed I had 4mill dollars so I immediately bought them all back, SO I thought, All of the guns, mods, shields werent there to buy back, only a select few. I went from a full 39 backpack to 22, Ive lost 17 things, and damned if I can recall what it was!! UGH I hope they find the cause of this issue and fix it ASAP

I guess this bug has happened to me aswell, since yesterday i just finished TVHM, and went to farm Iwajira, and i was picking-selling like 2-3 blue items every run cause i bought some stuff and needed cash.

But then it was getting late and i went to sleep after the last run. Last time i checked i had about 25 items and now i went to continue in the morning and noticed i have only 2 items in backpack :frowning:

I guess it sold my items somehow the last time i was in vendor before sleep, and i saved and quit before noticing it, as i see i got alot more cash than yesterday.

However luckily i still got all my equipped, banked items, those were all untouched. And no, no matter how late it was, i would notice selling 4 legendaries directly, as i was only selling 2-3 blues/some purples each run, and my backpack was filled over 20 always. I guess its fine tho as it was only lv 45-50 items, and i had my IVF and Rosie equipped, so i still got them. I hope it wont happen again when im 70 though. Guess il have to backup more often.

I really need help with this!

I’m losing equipped items upon log in, it’s happened a few times. I think I may have accidentally sold them but I haven’t. The last time I played, I killed a few guys to level my baby Wilhelm, and then I saved and quit because I had to do a few things.
Just logged back in and my favourite weapon is gone, and the slot is empty.

I’m so pissed off; does anyone know how I can get it back IF I can (hopefully) get it back?

Hi there. My fiance and i were playing borderlands the pre sequel last night and he had all of his weapons and now when we logged in to continue our game he went to his inventory to switch a weapon and all of his weapons were gone. But his skill points, moonstones and equipped weapons were untouched. He went to the safe to check if he stored them and he couldn’t find them and he went to every vending machine as well but nothing. What could have caused all his

weapons to dissapear from his backpack because he didn’t press the sell all button either

About the “Sell All” button, there’s a problem – the buyback can only hold 20 items max. If you acci-dump more than 20, you’re gonna lose some.
Atop that, I’ve also lost items that I tried bouncing off walls, or even simply dropped on the floor – for whatever reason, the only problem with the environment was the floor/wall not being ‘there’ at the point of impact.

For those two reasons alone, I highly recommend backing up your data.