Nurse Maya questions

This is all on OP0 for now–I will be testing it on OP8 at a future date.

  1. I’m currently rocking this build with a L. Nurse COM. Thoughts?

  2. For gear, I’m using:

Slag Pimpernel - For extra slagging in conjunction with Scorn.
Sand Hawks - In case I need to deal damage.
Heartbreaker - Healing gun, both for myself and for others.
DPUH - This slot is curerntly flexible. Mainly looking for a corrosive weapon here.

L. Nurse COM - Obviously.
Storm Front - To strip shields and to provide healing with Life Tap.
Bone of the Ancients - Because I want to both deal damage and have Res up more often.
Evolution - For Elated synergy.

Thoughts? Would it transfer well into OP8?

I’m basically looking to squeeze in as much damage as I can while still being able to heal at Maya’s maximum potential.

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Check out this build, BL.

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