Nurse Nina Vladof - Speculations?

This thread was inspired by a post by @shaolincfh in another thread:

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well the echo in subconscious stats she is Ivan Vladofs missing sister
jack’s office echo has her working on Timmy
Stanton’ Liver echoes has her working for Dahl
and the mission in Concordia states she is hiding from something/one
didn’t you make a topic about her at somepoint @FlamesForAll ?

So what do you guys think?

haha i at one point thought she might be hiding from Hyperion/Jack cuz she knows that Timmy is a body double but then just about everybody but Nisha seems to know Timmy isn’t Jack. Do know of the happenings at Vladof between BL1 and TPS? If she is Ivan Vladof’s missing sister and we hear her talkin to her mother about being in hiding from the company, what company is she hiding from?
process of elimination time!
Nina is likely not hiding from:
Maliwan - Anshin - Pangolin - Dahl - S&S - Atlas - Torgue (any i missed?)
Hyperion or Vladof

She might just be hiding from her own family, who want to keep her in the family business but she wants no part of it?

Maybe Ivan Vladof is sick / dying and they need a successor…

but she is heard talking to her mother, so is her mother helping her hide from her own family?
in BL2 in Sancuary the radio message for Vladof has to do with arming the masses for a revolution of sorts.
is there any info about Vladof in BL1 i may be forgetting?

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Maybe her mom feels sorry for her but can’t publicly help / support her?

That seems like a stretch…there’s got to be a better explanation…

not that much of a stretch and not unheard of.
Nina has worked for Dahl and Hyperion at least and likely for Vladof as well.
ooooo maybe she was a spy and conducted corporate espionage but it went south and she had to flee :grin:

Fleeing a marriage arranged by her family to spme guy from a wealthy family or corporation - which is why she wants to find her own perfect husband in the 3 suitors mission?

ahh MAYBE! good catch. forgot that mission.

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