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For most of this past year I have been playing at UVHM but recently started played as Salv in NVHM. In NVHM it seems that Level 30 is considered the transition to TVHM and Level 50 is the transition to UVHM. If this is the case I am currently at level 30 and only just finished the Bunker. Also I have still got the Capt Blade’s, Sir Hammerlock’s and Tiny Tina’s DLC’s to finish in NVHM. It looks like I will be at Level 40+ before I exit NVHM. I can’t remember how the levels scale eg at Level 30 does the difficulty increase or does this only happen when you kill the Warrior? Will it affect the gameplay if I am still in NVHM at Level 40 eg will I have TVHM difficulty with NVHM weapons?


Torgue’s and Scarlett’s DLCs level from 15 to 30. Sir Hammerlock’s and Tiny Tina’s DLCs level from 30 to 35, so that is the max level of gear that you can get in NVHM.

Starting TVHM at level 40 with gear at level 30-35 will be very hard for new players until they find some on-level gear. If you have been playing a lot of Sal, then you might look at it as a fun challenge.

I wouldn’t do any more sidequests or DLC’s and concentrate on story missions to finish NVHM. After the Warrior is dead, if you are not too over leveled, then do DLC’s and side quests for gear that you want to use in TVHM.

Here are some OLD guides that helped me transition from NVHM to TVHM and then UVHM when I didn’t know what I was doing:

A definitive guide on DLC: Level scaling, and when you should do them in your playthrough, Character DLC, and more.

Playthroughs and side quests

I’m new. I’m lost. What’s a playthrough? HALP! Playthrough guide for new players.


Level scaling is pretty much fixed in NVHM. Did you do the Torgue DLC and all available side quests? That would pretty much guarantee you being over-levelled. IIRC the initial level for TVHM story can go up to 35 but no higher. Hamerlock and Tiny Tina DLCs will also scale to 35 cap in NVHM.

Not sure I’d agree with that. The found gear will be level appropriate and the player’s health will be over-levelled, so it should be pretty easy. Starting UVHM at level 55+ with gear capped at level 50, on the other hand…


I just assumed that TVHM would start at your level. If the enemies are 35 and you are 40, then that shouldn’t be much of a problem. You just wouldn’t get much XP for the kills until the levels even out.


Yeah, on my very first dive into TVHM, I was pretty overleveled because I did all the things in the main story and all the DLC in NVHM. TVHM was dead easy as first because of that but as rja said it’ll even out eventually as the story missions progress.

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I did what you are proposing, including all 4 main DLCs and all 5 Headhunter packs as well. The end result was that I was around level 44 (+1 of that on a few, -1 on some others). Granted I am very thorough, and probably did more fighting than most would. TVHM is actually quite easy starting out this way because it doesn’t scale, and so you can leverage your level advantage into having a well above par health pool, and otherwise normal shield hp and weapon damage output (you will also some extra skill points helping you).

Doing this sort of thing with UVHM however is going to make life harder on you (you can alleviate this a LOT by immediately grabbing up anything on-level you find as it will outperform badly underleveled gear even if it’s white rarity; especially helpful if you can snag a decent shield sooner rather than later).

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