NVHM: Is Completing Mercenary Day and farming the loot train worth it before a Warrior Fight?

I am very under leveled as of Data Mining. My gear is good but is 5-6 levels lower than mine. Is it worth it to farm this train a few times after completing the pack or will I get destroyed by the snowman?

There is a spot beside the elevator where you will be safe from most of his attacks (and the remainder can be dealt with if you have a healing weapon or transfusion grenades.) Not sure what the min and max levels for that pack is on normal though. An easier thing would be to use some golden keys on the chest in sanctuary, and to farm some of the easier-to-reach red chests. There’s a thread listing current golden key codes in the News section, and we recently had a thread listing many of the easier red chest locations here.

My other suggestion would be to check DLC3 out, as the initial level for DLCs 3 & 4 can go higher than the others.

Don’t go there until you’re at a reasonably good level, like 27-28.

Yea. I decided to go. Snowman is easy but the RNG is trolling me right now. 20 runs and best thing was a purple. Not bad considering I’m also level 29 now.

I always farm bunker to level up a few times and get some fresh gear. Got my commando from 23-26, then did toil and trouble.


I would have farmed the Badlands chests while killing Saturn, Bonehead and all the Loaders for levels.

I usually hit the Merc Day DLC between each playthrough.

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Hey. Purples are great. I like to pretend golden keys don’t exist (mostly because eventually they will run out) so it’s good to find locations that drop them at a decent rate and use them instead.

Also @VaultHunter101 , thx. I wasn’t aware there was a sweetspot.

Bad purples. But I just got a legendary sniper class mod. :smiley:

It’s not perfect. The attacks that cause the ground to shake - particularly his “ice breath” - can still damage you, so you need some health recovery for sure. Also, when he hurls his wreath at you, it can knock you out of the spot so you need to be ready to jump back in. Other than that, you can pretty much just fire away with whatever you have. He will occasionally toss a mini-snowman at you, who may get stuck around the opening somewhere: useful phase-lock fodder if you are Maya. I find it much easier as Axton, since you can use turrets as a major distraction and get his health down a good notch before taking cover.

As noted earlier, the golden chest is your best bet. It’s always going to be purple, will be at a good level, at requires almost no time. However, don’t go overboard with the keys (and try not to hoard them without ever using them all like I did). If the chest gives you new everything EXCEPT guns, and then finally gives you guns but you just feel kind of meh about them, use them anyway. Otherwise you may just end up getting a bunch of extra grenades, shields, and class mods that you can’t even use all at once.

However, as far as the Headhunter DLCs go, they can be alright for getting loot. Though you may have to settle for blue. Mercenary Day and the Wedding Massacre are going to be your best bets. For the Wedding Massacre, the bosses usually drop at least 1 purple upon death, then there’s a little “easter egg” if you stick around 1 more minute if it’s NOT the first time killing them, they also drop the orange bate and you’ll likely get another purple from that.

With Mercenary Day, the super chest at the end has a variety of stuff. It may not always be purple, but it will make you well rounded.

Crazy old thread, but Tinder Snowflake levels to the character. He shouldn’t be very difficult whenever you fight him. Using a Moxxi Good Touch smg with Maya makes it a cakewalk. Strategically, I always do MMD dlc right before Heros Pass in NVHM and TVHM and immediately in UVHM. In UVHM everything scales with you and the loot train gives guaranteed relics, class mods, shields, weapons, grenades and even 2 guaranteed launchers. It’s by far the best go to for keeping your gear at level throughout UVHM and beyond. It may not be the most fun DLC pack, but it’s the most useful in game.

Exactly. Please resist the urge to respond to threads more than 6 months old unless it’s a build or guide thread. We have enough zombies roaming the forums already!