Nvidea surround?


it doesnt look like the remastered supports surround ? three screens ?. when i thought it was remastered and where boasting 4k which is awesome by the way, that my assumption was that you already thought about nvidea surrround over three screens… comes across as though the 4k was a marketing stunt.

please tell me this is in the pipeline or you will find some high end users bitter displeased about the end revision.

i can already see bitterness in my post…

Oh no don’t tell me it doesn’t support NVIDIA surround…I have been meaning to find out but have been almost afraid to ask!

5760 x 1080 surround works for me - I’ve only tried the tutorials for HW2 ReMastered but looks good so far!

Surround works, but it’s not really optimized. Namely, the HUD is stretch across all 3 screens. It’d be ideal to still have it confined to the middle monitor. Hopefully either a patch can fix that, a config tweak, or maybe MODs.

Other than that, I’ve noticed the camera rotation ratio is off using the right mouse button in Surround, you have to drag your mouse way farther to get the rotation you want.

The next issue is panning, similar to the HUD, you probably want it confined to the middle screen, or at least an option to have it confined to the middle, or the edges of the left and right monitors.

We didn’t do any ‘special’ UI layout for that sort of thing, no - though I imagine eventually people will come up will all sorts of crazy variations. I don’t think we ‘support’ it because it’s more a driver thing - we just see a huge res you can use - and off it goes. I am envious though - 5760x1080 sounds crazy… completely crazy. Take some epic caps?

I, too, am very disappointed in the lack of support for NVIDIA surround / AMD Eyefinity. This technology has been around for a long time now and I wish developers would pay more attention to it.

If the Gearbox developers have never played a game on 3 monitors they are missing out. Just go right now and steal some monitors from the marketing department and try it. Load up Bioshock Infinity, for instance. That game does it right. When marketing comes to find their monitors, they will see how great it is and insist that you support it properly. in all games so they can brag about it and show it off in demos.

After all, is it really that much work to detect a super-wide resolution and adjust the UI to keep it on the center screen? Or just include a setting that lets the user manually define a region for the UI to appear in. Would that be hard? It already stretches to fill the available area, just let us define what that area would be.

I know this is not the most common setup, but I would bet its more common than 4K right now. It is not a “driver thing”, it is a UI thing. Please do consider patching this.

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thanks BitVenom for your response. a reply is appreciated. I honestly believe there has been a underestimation of interest from gearbox’s side regarding multi screen high resolution platforms. This is somewhat unfortunate and comes across as though the approach has been to appeal to a broader audience by providing just the basics to a remastered revision.

Knowing now based on your words that you wont be implementing the changes provides a little disappointment, maybe my expectations of this game was set too high. Still it doesnt make sense to support 4k and not high resolution possibilities. Almost seems you left half a job complete allowing the resolution there as an option but then when its selected, the overall view being warped and the UI bieng practically useless.

No flaming or trolling, just stating my thoughts.


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I’m a bit surprised at BitVenom’s response, especially considering Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel have great Surround/Multi-Monitor support including the HUD being restricted to the middle screen.

If you guys want to hire me, I’ll gladly be a tester for multi-monitor setups :smile:

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So I created a gallery to sum up my experience so far. It’s ~60% playable.

Inbefore ‘spex??’

i7 920 2.6 clocked @ 3.6
10GB ram (somehow still triple channel according to speccy - 2, 2, 2, 4)
GTX 970 - 344.75 Drivers
3 24" 1080p screens (DVI, DP, HDMI)
Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

The update yesterday did nothing to fix the issues shown.

Fix? This would be absolutely amazing if this worked…drools

I created an account just to ask for triple monitor support for Homeworld Remastered Collection

Just bought on steam sale. Was amped about space battle in widescreen. leaves disappointed.

Patience, grasshopper.


Created an account JUST to post.

I’ve just fired the remastered version up, and it is indeed extremely dissapointing…

So, went online and found this. Seriously, its been nearly a year and half since, and still no fix.

Patience has nothing to do with it, this is a serious dissappointment.

So much disappointment…

Yes, I know this is an old thread, but it needs to be resurrected.

Did you look around? We have ultra-wide and full 360 degree support - controls (command line) to map the UI to any part of your screen, etc. There’s plenty of talk about it here, on these forums… the wait has been over since June…



Yes I did look around on this forum, I’ve been a lurker for some time.

The main issue I have is that I read online about the fixes and even tried to apply them, but the UI is still all janky.

Still, I’m happy to admit when I’m wrong, when I am.

Could you provide a link or some pointer to where I can find some information about this?
That way it would also help others who might stumble upon this as well.




for those interested in the short version of how to do this, just create a desktop shortcut to Launcher.exe, edit the properties, and add the following at the end of ‘Target’:

-forceResolution -fakeFullscreen -w 5760 -h 1080 -freeWindow=1 -facetCount=09 -BackFOV=70 -uiLeft=0.34 -uiRight=0.66 -uiTop=0.0 -uiBottom=1.0

Extra props go to user @Xercodo.

Feel free to post some shots…

A few notes though:

Using the -facetAutoFOV=90 command (90 is just an example) can be handy to prevent looping past 360.

-facetCount=9 is 3 ‘splits’ per screen. Using 24 is MUCH harder on your GPU, but also way more pretty :wink: