Nyriad told us what's next. (minor spoilers)

Nyriad may have already told us what is still in store for the Vault Hunters.

-“First Landing”?
In the Eridian Writings echo log, Side by Side, she tells us that the Eridian word for “homeworld” also meant “first landing”. We didn’t go to the Eridian home world. We went to the first place they explored.

And in Secrets, she says, “For every Graveward, Traveller, and Timekeeper, there are surely a dozen more slumbering in forgotten Vaults.” We defeated the Graveward, and the Traveller was defeated in Tales from the Borderlands… but who, or what, is the Timekeeper?

-“The Seventh”?
Another anamoly left by Nyriad is in Warning, “You must never find the Seventh.” This has been interpreted as a seventh Siren, but we’ve always been told there could only be six at any one time? Maybe it was another Siren that locked her powers away, just as Nyriad had, and there could only be six since it couldn’t have a host. Unless, it is found, that is.

What do you think this means for the future of the Vault Hunters?

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Sorry! I got way too excited… But that would be awseome! Where is the spoiler section, by the way? (Still pretty new)

Thank you! And, maybe this is how they try bringing back Maya? Might be a bit cheap though…


Resurrecting a character would be cheap.
As cheap as the constant dialog of Calypsos “hey remember we killed your siren friend”, again and again and again and again, which drives me crazy.
Messing with timelines, going in the past, time travel, is something that people dislike in general no ?

Hm. You’re right, paradox’s would ensue. But, we could finally see Pandora in its wet season!

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Very good point. They need to work with what they have. But, wherever this leads, there’ll be a lot more guardians, and maybe we finally meet the Eridians, maybe even Nyriad herself.

WIth the idea of time travel, which I don’t believe at all, if Maya could come back which I’m sure won’t happen, I would love that the Calypsos come back too.
I liked them when they were not talking about Maya, especially Troy.
Maya becoming even more psychopath than before (she had a tendancy to cheer when her ennemies suffered and died), and the Calypsos just being better…
The more I find echoes or texts, the less I believe things will go the way I would like, so I let my dream be wild for the moment :anguished:

I promise I’ll try not to be off topic so fast …

I discuss this pretty in depth in my ‘Ava dedicated DLC Redemtion’ thread, but I doubt it’s the last we see, or at least hear, of her. She might feature greatly in it, which might help with the reaction that her death has received.

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The Taveler could teleport both the vault and itself instantaneously yes? Doesn’t that mean it could travel through both space and time? If I’m mistaken please inform me because I’ve not played TPS or tales…

But if one can manipulate both space and time then wouldn’t a time traveler be redundant? Personally I’d rather this Timekeeper be more of a collected memories deal. Seeing the discoveries Maya made through memories it had eaten would be a nice way to send her off without dealing with reincarnation…

And it would open the path to understanding the eridians past as well.

It could only travel in 3 dimensional space, not 4, so it couldn’t travel through time. Hm. But the the thought of some near omniscient being that has been watching the story of all the vault hunters would be interesting. There could be something along the lines of going into the past to witness past events that it has ‘collected’, like in some sort of display of great feats they have done. I do like you’re idea of fi ally getting to say goodbye, indirectly, to Maya through such a memory, similar to Bunkers and Badasses with Tiny Tina and Roland.

See this is why I asked for clarification though, if it is valuable of instantaneous travel then even if severely limited - it can travel through the 4th dimension. Not all time travel revolves around being able to go back in time… And that’s why I was saying their powers would be very similar if that’s indeed the case.

And that’s why as a time keeper monster, I was thinking more along the lines of less time travel, but more of a glutton for life force. If upon the death of other creatures/people it consume their memories we would be able to unlock them upon its defeat.

I would simply be very uninterested in the creature having time travel abilities… It’s a bit of an overdone trope.

Wouldn’t put much hope in time travel. Sure seeing some of the planets billions of year in the past would be cool but…
The only time travel I can foresee :smirk: is it (Time Traveler) going back a few minutes to gain full health and shield.

Apparently not as we keep seeing this crap in tv shows…

Hm, it could be cliche, and very hard to fight! But, I imagined it more as some grand being that holds millennias of knowledge, that has been watching the whole story unfold. Maybe sends us on some quest through a simulation of Pandora’s past to witness the sacrifice of the Eridian civilization to show us just how much they gave up, or showing us the true origins of the Eridians.

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I wonder if it’s something that we’ll even have to fight, and if we do, maybe at first it will try to act friendly, trying to convince the Vault Hunrers to free it, but it actually plans to harness the Destroyer for itself, or something.

Please if this is going to happen no more of that vr side quest graphic changing garbage… Everytime I do one of those quests I have to alter the graphic settings so I don’t go blind.

Totally agree. I’m thinking more along the lines of the Claptastic Voyage type. Like they open a portal, we watch the world form around us, maybe there’s just a little bit of a dreaminess to the coloring with faded hues of blue, but still looks pretty normal.

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