O.P.Q. System holy hell

This thing shreds omg. Best atlas gun ever


Picked one up in the first Cartel run but I haven’t tried it yet. Just went “Meh an Atlas AR that’ll be crap” and threw it in the bank :slight_smile:

It’s an “Op” Q-sysyem.

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You may want to try this thing out. It’s especially good because there’s no element on it, which is great since a lot of the modifiers make the enemies immune. I have a M6 one currently farming for M8, wish me luck.

Holy hell all right. Being able to spawn two flying copies of itself that stick around for quite a while does a ton of damage. It basically guarantees that Pearl is always at max stacks. I have a M6 one with the 20% crit anoint. It can still be so much better with a good anointment.

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That looks pretty good…
Did you see the sandhawk tho?

Haven’t got it to drop yet

Its ?exclusive? (i think) from Katagawa Jr (the sniper encounter - not the ball)

Its really nutty

Yeah I’ve got 2 from farming him.

Farming him now, such an annoying boss

Is this a non-tracking Atlas gun? Like it’s a Ten Gallon with Atlas’ name on it?

It flies next to you and shoots until it explodes so pretty much yea

It also seems to proc a shock aoe that tends to blow your face off.

It is exactly a ten gallon, it is what ten gallon should have been. You can do a meme drone build with Zane because playing dirty generates two drones add messy breakup and zoomer and fly !!!

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Theoretically I could get six drones with Zane? Throw a Ten Gallon reload, switch to O.P.Q, throw two “trackers”, put on my Messy Breakup shield with an Infiltrator COM, and throw SNTNL to proc that drone as well as the second Messy Breakup drone from the shield break. :thinking:

Does Playing Dirty generate two drones with the O.P.Q.? I can manually throw two, so if Playing Dirty procs two for each of those two throws, there could be four?


Thats a really good question. It would also be interesting how it interacts with skills that makes a shot not consume ammo like Mozes “every 4th shot doesnt consume ammo” or sftr. If that works you could techincally generate an obscene number of these.

It bloody works. Exactly like that.

I just generated about 20 of those LMAO

holy hell - thats insane - godmode unlocked

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but this is better (some for the road works as well)

I got one from Joey at M4, with the ASA +200% damage annoint - so I gave it to Zane of course :rofl:

Ha ha ha! That’s great!

Have you taken that in the field? Like does it throw decent damage?

ive been grinding for that gun for ten hours.really sucks .■■■■■■■■