O.P.Q. system pretty please

Hi looking for a level 60 O.P.Q. system :smirk::crossed_fingers: mayhem 10 obvs

I don’t think the weapon exist on lv 60

Oh is it only up to 57?!

Lvl60 opq is modded. I can tell you that the lvl57 still kicks ass at level 60!

Yea, it’s only level 57 but it is still very viable in M10 lv 60

Has any one got one going spare?!

I’m not sure what platform you are on. I do have one with Gamma Burst anoint on PS4.

I’m on PS4! chrisbash743 Thankyou

Glad you found what you’re looking for. Moved you in to the correct thread so you’ll know where to post next time!

Cheers mate pretty new to all this

What annointment are you after? I’m away for a bit but can send you one when I’m back on if you’re still looking. Cheers.

That would be amazing, any anoint that’s good for Zane to be honest!

Please add me then send a PSN message as a reminder for when I’m back. PSN is wonga-bunny. Cheers.