O.P.Q. System Variants

Has anyone managed to get an O.P.Q. System with a low magnification zoom? Like, 2.2x or lower?

I have one that is 1.3x zoom.

Yep, I’ve got at least 1 with a 2.2 scope. Not sure which scope i prefer on that gun, it’s all workable in the end.

Ok, cool. I hate using sights on automatic guns that act like sniper scopes which is usually anything 2.7-ish or higher… even though nowadays most of the guns I like to use are better off hip fired.

Depending on the character I enjoy the big sight on the OPQ, makes for an easier crit at long range. Most of my high damage models have low zoom but that’s likely just random parts being random.

I have one with a wire frame sight, and several with an actual scope. Given how accurate the OPQ is at range, I actually prefer the scope for ADS since you can see exactly what you’re aiming at. I find most of the wire frame sights obscure the target to such an extent I can’t actually see to aim properly. I’ll try and grab specific info later - I have to work this afternoon!

That’s fine… I was mostly just wanting to know if it was actually possible to get it with the lower zoomed optics so I’d know if I would care to farm it.

1.5x zoom ‘scope’. I’ll add a screen grab once it’s uploaded from my system.

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I have always preferred the 5 x scope on my Atlas ARs.
Just personal preference.
My 1st OPQ was 5x, my second 1.3, and my third is 2.2
I still prefer the 5x but am using the 1.3 because it does the most damage LoL

While we are on the topic of the OPQ…Have people got it to drop around M6 to M8? I have probably ran through Joey and the gang 30 times. I can’t get one to drop. There was a time when it was dropping (more like M4) a bunch. Did I miss something?

That’s where I’ve gotten most of mine. I think I had 1 drop at 9 and none at 10, but I don’t play 10 much either.

My first one dropped at M8.

I think the only one I’ve gotten was on M4 right after M 2.0 dropped. Since then, I’ve been playing nothing but M10, however, I really should lower it so I can actually do things… My problem is if I’m gunna farm for gear, why not do it on M10, but I haven’t gotten much in the last 2 weeks…