O.p.q. system yellow cake for trade

looking for Maggie’s and cutsmans kybs worth and redistributors with great aniontments. Shoot me a message on here. Or on Xbox gt pbodyjel

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I already have two of those yellow cakes but I want more. Got some Mayhem 10 Cutsmen. Two electric and one corrosive. Would have to check what anointments they have. Are you even interested in an electric or corrosive cutsman?

What Maggie’s are you looking for?

When action skill active 200% weapon damage and sntl cryo damage

I’ll get at you when I get them

I got a Maggie with the 200 increase new annoitment, I’ll trade it for that q system?

I sent the opq system to you chilledfish88. Didn’t want you waiting to long to play with your new toy! Lol

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