O2/Vacum&Atmosphere HELP

(Georgedejongveg) #1

i dont precisly understand the O2 things/mods(you can buy and use)
For example,when it says:O2 capicity 141,+23% Fire Rate,+26% Reload speed,1573 Slam damage-“Increce Fire rate and Reload speed while Airborne”-so does it ONLY increse your firerate and reload speed while airborne?or also when walking
OTHER thing that confuses me,is Atmosphere and Vacuum,when you go into Bubble a voice says"atmosphere detected",so i asume that outside those bubles your in Vacuum right?but when you are in a"building"-like Reasurch and Develeptment-is that beign in Atmosphere?(ps,pardon for any crapy English)

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #2

Atmosphere = can breath without Oz kit. Basically like real life.
Vacuum = No atmosphere, Oz kit needed to breath due to lack of oxygen.

If it says while airborne, then yes it is only when airborne.

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #3

Pretty much! While airborne mean while airborne and if you’re either in an atmosphere or a vacuum.
Note that fire too needs oxygen. You can’t set things/enemies on fire in vacuum.

(Is this thing on?) #4

And to clarify, that simply means not currently on the ground: jumping, double-jumping, boosting, using jump pads, throwing yourself off a cliff, … It is very easy to take advantage of this on some maps, such as the Drakensburg and Veins of Helios, but also any exterior area on the moon’s surface.

(Georgedejongveg) #5

oke thanks,BUT when you in a"building"like Reasurch and Develptment,does that means your in Atmosphere?because some 02 had stuf for/like it says:"while in atmosphere+23%explotion,and in vacuum 21%recharch delay(for example)so when you USE those in a"Building"does that then give you 20 explotion extra?..i normaly only use 02 that improve Jumping/Movement,but those ar NO use inside buildings/aria

(Is this thing on?) #6

Yes, then you’re in atmosphere; thankfully, you don’t get constant reminders on such maps that the whole thing is not a vacuum!

You can easily tell from the visual and audio effects when you’re in atmosphere and have the Oz kit active - your character’s breathing is more noticeable, there’s a tinny quality to the audio, and you can see ripples on the edges of the screen from the Oz kit mask.

(Georgedejongveg) #7

oke thanks,yeh 1 thing i notice to see that your in"Atmosphere"is that jumping dosnt work at all,lol

(Is this thing on?) #8

Oddly enough, that isn’t universally true. For example, in Hyperion Hub of Herosim or R&D, you can sort of double-jump and get a little boost while moving forwards, but it’s really limited. In Concordia, however, you can boost when in atmosphere on the walkways and rooftops, but not inside specific locations (Moxxi’s, Nina’s, the corridor directly below the customs/jail, …)