Objective Thoughts on Battleborne vs Overwatch

Ok, so, I own both Battleborne and Overwatch.

I’ve played probably 25-30 hours of Overwatch solo and with friends.

I know there must be more of us who own both.

I know a lot of people who own both and who play a LOT of Battleborne and are very good at it who prefer Overwatch, and vice versa.

To me, Overwatch seems…OK.

It lacks the character and uniqueness and personality and beauty that Battleborne has in spades.

So…objectively…,without this devolving into a “f**k Overwatch and Blizzard” thread, for those who have played both, what do you guys think of BB vs OW?

There two different style games.

Ones an arena shooter that heavily focuses a couple coordinated team fights and constantly swapping team comps.

The other is a moba which focuses more on coordinating around the objective to push it. You also level up, and have to pick a static team comp.


I played Overwatch, and i didnt liked it. Its too straightforward, too casual, too childish for me. BUT its not a bad game! Just not my cup of tee. Battleborn character roster is far more unique then OW. OW is good for a relaxing and fun 1 hr, Battleborn is more addictive, more complex, longer experience. In OW you can master a character in a few rounds or day, in BB there always something to learn, even after 120 hours of gameplay. Its pretty pointless to compare the two, they are different.


I haven’t played OW at all, which disqualifies me from objective thoughts on gameplay, but that very fact also speaks to a great advantage Battleborn has: I haven’t had any interest in exploring Overwatch mostly because I don’t find my initial examination of the characters to be compelling at all.

Battleborn is such a wonderful freakshow of personalities; colorful, hilarious and daft.

I look at Overwatch’s roster, and I’m just like: “Guy with a gun, guy with a gun, girl with a gun, guy with two guns, robot suit, robot suit, guy with a sword… the gorilla’s pretty cool, I suppose.”

My initial reaction to Battleborn’s roster, way back in the day was much more: “Floating swords and a neo-Victorian ballgown? NEAT! Does that bird have a rocket launcher?!? Holy crap, what does this guy made of ice do? What the heck is that thing riding on top of that little raggedy looking girl? A demon? It seems like we have space Elves and Dwarves, so that’s cool… OMG BATTLE PENGUIN!!!”

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Make sure Thorn’s not around to hear you call her space elf!

Bastion was pretty cool too

But seriously they are both REALLY different games, overwatch for me was fun for a few hours but with the hero system and lack of progression it quickly got boring, and to quote one you tuber, "after I win a match in this game, I feel nothing) battleborn was different, more unique heroes, no rampant switching or having 5 of the same character, strategy that was ALWAYS there, and a progression system. So yeah it won big for me but overwatch is a good just relax game



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I don’t know about any of you, but I’m still debating on whether I prefer League of Legends or Team Fortress 2.

That being said, I prefer Battleborn. I enjoy the art, writing, characters, and gameplay more. The only thing I wish Battleborn would do that Overwatch does better is keep more players.

Played Overwatch and returned it within a couple of days. I already have call of duty black ops 3, which has way more customisation and content.

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That was why this conversation was locked away. To prevent the return of the age of darkness.



I own both as well and played both quite a bit in the beginning but i just get pulled more towards BB. it just has more unique characters, more variation and I feel it offers more for people that want more from a Game.

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