Observation M4 Only drop items and M4 drop rates

Just an observation, been playing through Moxis DLC on M4, tough but fun, wanted to see if I could get the Targets of opportunity and Loco Chantell to drop some of the standard mods and Legendaries if I dropped to M3 because I was under the impression the new mods and weps where M4 only

They are categorically not M4 only, I have had more drop on M3 than M4, in addition to this i noticed that Loco dropped 27 times out of 30 runs( various legendaries inc mods and the craps ) on M3 and only 17 times on M4

I have no idea why this is the case, but thought other players may want to know as the farm is ultra quick on M3 if your looking for particular items that take a lot of runs


I think they are not locked behind an M4 mode because this is paid DLC for the general player base rather than an optional group raid created for those looking for a higher challenge level than either NVHM or TVHM provides. FWIW I’ve got the new COMs for all four characters playing on normal M0, which is my preference right now.

well I guess it was good training having completed the DLC on M4 TVHM, certainly enjoyed the challenge :slight_smile:

I wonder how many other players thought the top items where only on M4, good news for all i guess

I don’t know. I didn’t, simply because if they had been M4-locked I’d have expected that to be indicated in the announcement the same way it was for the Maliwan Takedown. And honestly, level-locking new gear in a paid DLC would probably have generated significantly more backlash than the Takedown still does!