Observations and questions

I would like to share some observations and questions that I have about the game, most of them are about the “Explosive” element".

1.(Question) What’s the difference between non elemental rocket launchers and “explosive” element rocket launchers?

2.(Question) Why was “blast” element in Borderlands 1, renamed “explosive” in Borderlands 2?

3.(Observation) I noticed that there are no “blast/explosive” snipers or SMGs in Borderlands 2.

4.(Observation) The projectiles of some “explosive” assault rifles and pistols seem to follow a curved trajectory from the gun to the target when when you’re aiming off center from your target, like some sort of homing affect.

5.(Observation) On UVHM, enemies tend to do less damage to each other than they do to you.

6.(Observation) When doing certain story missions and side missions, I noticed that if my game is set to public, other players tend to join, then leave a couple seconds after without taking part in the mission, on rare occasion at least one person would stay and participate.

7.(Question) Why do most “explosive” element weapons have slow fire rates?

Explosive damage is elemental splash damage after impact

There is one Explosive Sniper rifle, the Cobra

Because they are firing mini grenades in an arc and not bullets.

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They have damage reduction. You don’t

Just a thing. Maliwan made all elemental in BL1 whereas Torgue just made high-powered guns. Now explosive is strictly Torgue and the makers probably thought gyro-rockets would be weird on SMGs and snipers. I kind of agree.

I don’t think that’s true, outside of the OP levels. In regular UVHM I believe what telusmao is seeing is that enemies have 4x more health, so the same shot may take off most of the player’s health bar but only a small part of another enemy’s health bar.

As I understand it, damage reduction is a function of level difference and doesn’t kick in until OP3.

Vinterbris gave the in-game argument. I’ll add that there’s the out of game argument that explosive weapons have extremely high damage (especially once you consider the splash damage), so for example a Hand Cannon that fired as fast as an Anarchist would be unbalanced.

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What do you mean? :confused: Never seen a launcher like that. Only elemental (E-tech or regular) or explosive.

Rocket launchers that spawn without an element. Non elemental rocket launchers supposedly do explosive damage but it’s not listed on their cards.