Observations on slot machine event

I’ve done about 500 slot pulls during the event, here are some observations;
All of these are from the slots in Moxxies bar on Sanctuary.

  • The slot machine nearest the door is much more likely to provide weapons.
  • The slot machine by the door has a higher chance of giving cash than the other two.
  • The two slots further into the room (the ones side-by-side) appear to be biased towards comms/grenade mods/sheilds, and rarely give guns.
  • The eridium slot machine is also participating in the event. It has both a much more event distribution of gear (looks like no biasing) and also pays off with a legendary more (in my testing) that 97% of the time.
  • The eridium slot machine has given me 3 lvl 27 white relics, this VH is level 17, weird.
  • The eridium slot has never given me a “Boomtime!” destructive grenade.
  • The other machines give me a boom grenade 35% of the time.
  • Items that fall out of the reward tray do not get put into lost loot, if you leave them on the floor and leave the map they are gone forever.

Other observations?


I believe this is true even outside the event. Cash Trap will only ever give coms and cosmetics.

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Your observations are correct… Guns… Class mods… Shielsds and Grenades. Left to right… In that order. Eridium slot is usually junk.

I agree normally, but during this event it’s giving good leg. weapons.

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Not 4 me…lol.

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Eridium cant roll a boomtime cause it doesnt have it as a reward on the slot itself. on the top it shows what rewards you can get


What I want to know is…are the drops only Vanilla drops (no DLC items?)? Are the items world drops and dedicated drops or just one or the other? Is there a machine anywhere that drops Artifacts?

In 500 pulls on Sanctuary I have only seen main game world drops.

I have gotten 3 white artifacts from the Eridium slot machine, all worthless. None from the other machines.

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Yea, it’s just world drops. No DLC items.

One other important point to make here, the machines in the Lodge (DLC 2) are NOT being affected by this event. They’re just putting out the normal crap. I tested them for a bit and didn’t see a single legendary item.


It would be nice if DLC areas and content were integrated into events. Some world drops are great, but we can get them literally anywhere. This ties into there being no DLC arenas and trials, but I’d just like there to be different ways of getting DLC loot besides mobbing or bossing in those few maps.

They’ve at least said that the Cartel spawns will show up in DLCs, unlike previous events.


Rolling the three Eridian symbols gives you a random artifact. They are set to lvl 27 cause that’s minimal level for Graveward I guess, and you can use artifacts once you beat him.

Also there is a list of types of rewards on every machine.


Three more;

  • I just got a boomtime grenade and a white pistol from LootBoxer. On the same pull. That shouldn’t happen.
  • At lvl 19 right now, so the pull costs $800 some. When you get a cash reward, it’s 3 stacks of $1,700 per stack, so one pull gets you cash for (roughly) 6 more pulls. Better’n Vegas.
  • Another Ruby’s Wrath heavy weapon. I’ve gotten more Rubys than any other weapon from this machine.


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At lvl 57 the fee is 60+ k, and triple $ reward is 3x117k iirc. Use loot expander artifact while playing slots.


I’m getting a lot more grenades and white items than I did when this event started. The class mods machine especially gives a lot of grenades.

The iridium machine is giving a lot of white and blue items now where it was mostly legendary previously.

This is on a level 57 Mayhem 4 Amara.

I just did 10 pulls on the class mods machine. I got 6 grenades, 2 legendary class mods, 1 blue class mod and one green class mod. Quite different from the 7-8 legendaries that I was getting when the event started.

I’m trying to get some better Phazezerker mods and thought that this would work well but no luck.

why didn’t you look for a better mod with the previous event? :smiley:

you could just run around looking at vending machines hahaha

also, atm i think you’d have better luck doing the proving grounds then trying slots :yum:

I did look in the vending machines in the previous event. Found a few but I’m looking for God rolls. I’ve got quite a few that are decent but I’m looking for better.

I’ve been running the Trial of Fervor also. It just takes a while to run through it to get to the Hag.

I think that I need to just start DLC 2 on my Zane instead of wasting time with this. :smile:

I spent a 3-4 hours resetting Spendopticon looking for an upgrade to my phasezerker (level 50 +weapon damage, +AS cooldown, +health) during that event, but no such luck. Kinda demoralizing when you think about what it means for my chances of finding a better one legitimately.

I’ll try farming the Hag later. Not sure if Mayhem level affects drop frequency during the event (and anoints don’t matter for mods).

1st machine has dropped several Jerichos, Sleeping Giants, Hellhocks and Krakato’s. Best drops that I remember were Dastardly Maggie with Corrosive ASE and fire Binary Cutsmans.
2nd slot- Lots of meh, rippers and Ripotse Impalers but got a radiation hyperfocus with some useful annoint .
3rd Machine- I’ve maybe kept 3 class mods for variety’s sake. Nothing better than ones I’ve had on my main Fl4k, just different equal random stats. Did find my first plus 5 skill and minfsweeper with +5 to fire in the skag den. I believe that makes it bad but Moze is my least played char st lvl 25.
4th- No nades or shields with good prefixes and annoints combo on them. Kept no nades and maybe 2 shields for a rainy day.

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I guess some weapon types aren’t possible in the slot machines is that right? I spent some time at Moxxi’s and saw tons of repeat weapons but not a single Laser-Sploder, for example.

The wiki says that gun is on Sylestro’s loot pool but is also “obtained randomly from any suitable loot source”. That info might be outdated though.