Occasional Bizarre, Extreme Tankiness or Damage Output

Has anyone ever encountered non-level differential related soak capability on characters that are supposed to be squishy, or absolutely insane over-tankiness on a tank w/o healer support or dmg reduction gear? Every now and then I’ll run into a seemingly unkillable person who take less and less and less damage the lower their health gets no matter how many people are hosing them and it’s really bizarre. Same level. No damage reduction gear. Solid green connection on both of us. No health regen + or health regen when below 50% hp. No support from team at the time. No character trait that allows for damage reduction of that nature. Just randomly beefy af. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve managed to survive crazy situations here and there but it’s always due to not getting hit despite being near death not constantly getting hit and not dying. I don’t understand it.

Another weird thing I’ve seen a few times recently is sudden, insane, inexplicable burst damage, usually from gun-wielders but not always. Have had a few encounters where, as Montana, I’ll Lumberjack Dash -> Stun into corner -> Body block -> Hailstorm someone who’s the same level as me, landing pretty much every shot on their crit spot (it’s hard not to after a Dash stun) which typically brings them down to 25-50% health on a non-tank by the time they’re unstunned. A few times, as soon as the stun wore my “victim” was able to 100-0 me in 1-2 seconds without landing any crits (hard to crit Montana while he’s browbeating you into a wall). One time it was a Reyna that did this without even a Priority Target and I was just kinda like “O_O.” Am I missing something?

I’ve noticed this on an off every once in a while since I started playing but I put it at the back of my mind until I had more experience. Now that I’ve got all the BB mastered, I feel I have a pretty solid grasp of exactly how much punishment every character can dish out and take at a given level and of what’s “normal” and what’s “what the actual ■■■■?” so I’m just curious if anyone else has shared this experience.

Edit: Bold for clarity. To reiterate, I’m talking while you’re at the same or higher level as the opponent, not when they’re 2-5lvls above you where it’s natural for them to be more powerful.

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I’ve had similar experiences in the past and I recorded them for future reference. After becoming more experienced with mechanics, damage output, hp, etc, I watched the recordings again and came to a facepalm conclusion.

Difference in levels. There was an enemy Kleese who was using his shock taser to melt everyone in my team. No amount of effort would suffice to kill him. We were dumbfounded. In the end, it turns out that he had hit level 7 by building turrets and we were still level 3-level 5. Leveling past anyone will give you increased hp, damage output, and healing power. Even if you are only 1 level difference apart, the slightest advantages can mean getting the kill, or getting away in time.

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Ohhhh that explains me destroying level twos in Faceoff who don’t fight Varelsi


Mentioned in the instances I encountered we were the same level or, in one instance, I was one level ahead. My first reaction when people mention someone seems unkillable is to press Tab and check the level difference, so I know where you’re coming from but I can assure you it’s not the case here. I consistently use the “build ■■■■■■■ everything to level faster than the competition” strategy as well. I’m talking all same level squishy soaking obscene dmg in a 1v1 to 1v3 scenario or someone dealing thousands of dmg 1v1 or 1v3 without using any abilities in a second or two while at the same level.

Edit: Also, I don’t care if the Reyna’s 4 levels above Montana, she’s not downing him from full health in a second without Priority Target + crit city, which wasn’t the case there.

:frowning: you can’t just edit your post like that :(. Now my post seems completely irrelevant. It’s as if I didn’t read it and take anything you said into consideration. Sigh

Now the only thing I can think of is exceptional aim. Believe it or not, there are people out there who do know “how to get to crit city.” There is no way to tell though, because(as far as I know) there is nothing to indicate how many enemies are landing critical hits on you.

Sorry haha. I did originally already have the 2nd bolded part in, I just replaced “strange” with “non-level differential related.” I assure you my intent wasn’t to dick you over I just wanna be clear with anyone reading what the scenario is, as it’s easy to dismiss this sort of thing via the usual suspects of naturally occurring, completely logical explanations. Just wanna be clear I’m talking about scenarios where I can’t see a logical explanation. I’ve started recording all my matches a few days ago as well to ere on the side of caution. I simply wanna know what the hell I’m dealing with when it happens, if it’s a bug or something.

WRT aim I do believe you can hear when you’re being critted. It’s much like the sound you get when you yourself score a crit but slightly deeper and more tinny. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is as, say I get downed quickly by a WF it’s usually because of that. In any abnormal spike scenario I’ve seen, this hasn’t been the case though from what I can tell. Also, crit’s only a 1.5 multiplier, so while it’s reasonable to expect to die quickly on certain characters, even full crit wouldn’t allow someone like Reyna to down Montana at point blank in a second, especially not w/o Priority Target.

This also doesn’t explain the suddenly near-invulnerable squishies who turn into Boldur on crack the closer they get to death.

This topic would be far more productive with a video of what you are talking about.


My guess would be something connection-based with either you, or the player in question. Lag doesn’t ALWAYS have to ve visual.

Anyone else remember M.A.G. on PS3?

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That would make sense I’ve just never seen it before.

I’ve only seen this when for some reason the M1.Blade bot decides to 900 damage to you in 3 seconds. Or when the Striker bot decides to defend its sentry with 1300 damage right when the sentry decides to shoot you.

Also almost every single gun character is capable of of derping 800+ with their gun. So when one up and shoots you down to red its to be expected as long as they land their damage.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing weird stuff from the gunbots haha. I assumed, whenever it happened, that I just didn’t notice a gunbot hacking away at me for an extended period though I’d typically go from full to dead pretty damn fast then have the lil bastard on the kill cam mocking me XD

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