Occulus Rift & HWR?

Crazy thought, I know! I’m sure others have thought about it.

How much work would that be? And how would it look do you think? Not even sure if it’s possible.

I would settle just for the ability to spectate games with an Occulus Rift.

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Ender’s Game

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Whoa. Mind…blown.

Great book and movie btw, but the sequels were kind of sucky.

which sequels?

If you’re taking about the speaker series, you have to go into them with expectations of a different genre then Enders Game but with a common cast.

If you want more of the same warfare type, read the ‘shadow’ series starting with Ender’s Shadow which Bean is the main character and follows him and the rest of Ender’s Giesh back to earth following the Formic wars.

What is considered the direct sequels to Ender’s Game following Ender starting with ‘Ender in Exile’ are still being written and ultimate are suppose to tie them all together into one common ending. It’s confusing how it all came to be, but in reality we have 3 story lines from 3 different time lines, with three loose ends waiting to all be tied off.

I loved all of them. But Ender’s Game is still my favorite and the one I’ve read and re read the most.

Edit: btw, Ender’s Game is why I fell in love with HW in the first place.

I was talking specifically about the speaker series. I went in expecting something different and my expectations were let down, so I veered off from the series. I’ma big sci-fi nut. I especially love reading stories about intergalactic wars.

I was also wondering, it’s probably not possible for this game since doesn’t it have to have occulus rift support already in order for it to be easily implemented?

At the end of the day, I just want a game that does what command school was described in the book. The movie got it really good visualizing what Card had me imagine.

HW and OR seems like the closest real thing. I still remember thininking about formations in HW the same way Ender described formations in Battle School and directly applying those lessons to my game play.

Just learned in teamspeak that someone actually pulled it off and was able to spectate. Not too sure about it still though.

I read all of them and yes, the sudden change of pace from Ender’s Game to the sequel was big. But after a while you really get into it. Great series. Very philosophical.

Anyway, HWR with Occulus Rift has to implemented at some point in the future (after they’ve fixed all the bugs) it’s simply a must, just imagine…

Along with Nvidia Surround, etc.

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I’m Quite interested to see this new Gizmo Valve has got lined up for release later this year.

Couple of nice features like the controllers incorporated into the VR space and real world objects becoming visible if you get to close to them. along With HTC’s tech support could make this one to watch.
I imaging they’ve been dropping some not so subtle hints to the makers of all the games there steam network hosts about how a 3D interface could make there current and future products sell that much better :smile: .

And if were dropping book recommendations try the Lost Fleet Series

His proes isn’t a patch on Cards but he does write a rather good space battle which is hardly surprising from an X Navy man. Add to that there loads of them and you can pass the time getting into theme whilst your waiting for a Multiplayer game to eventually start. :confounded:


Dude, thank you for the series recommendation. I am always on the look out for a good space battle genre books!

Same, thanks. If they have audio books, I’ll be all over them.

Another good one is the old man’s war series. Not for children.

A Homeworld style game in VR is pretty much my ultimate dream game. I don’t care if it’s Oculus Rift, Vive, Project Morpheus, or any of the many other headsets currently in development.

Ideally it would have an interface for haptic gloves so you could select stuff with your hands and get some tactile feedback.


Well, it’s only a matter of time at this point. :smile:

With full surround sound… Being able to utilize two hands… The illusion of being suspended in space… Surrounded by your fleet, Karan in your ear…

No, you ARE Karan.

My voice isn’t as sexy as hers though.

I second that! Good Oculus Rift/Valve Vive support would drive sales next year! If it is too costly to implement, make it a DLC (maybe with a few extra maps and missions). Even if the input scheme (keyboard shortcuts+mouse) will still be the same, I’d be down for it - most of us are able to play this without looking at the keyboard anyways. :smiley:

Edit: After watching a bit of E3 2015 coverage, I think that AR might also get interesting for RTS gamers and maybe someday for Homeworld. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

The way the industry is headed now, it is going to become a mainstay. There is a lot of money being poured into it.