Oceans On Pandora / Crawmerax & Crab Worms

I realize that this is pure speculation (unless there is actually obscure in game dialogue backing it up), but did there used to be oceans on Pandora?

Maybe the days used to be shorter and / or colder and the rotation of the planet was altered by a massive asteroid or other foreign space body collision and its pitch / spin was thrown off, leading to hotter, longer days and the gradual evaporation of the oceans?

I ask because Crawmerax and Larval Crab Worms (Crab) sure do look like giant lobsters or other similar Arthropods.

Also, the giant deserts of Pandora sure do seem like massive dried up ocean beds and maybe some of those GIANT SKELETONS we see looking so cool all over the place could be the only remains of ancient ocean Leviathans?

I mean, the Deep Fathoms area in the Knoxx DLC is a ridiculously oceanic name!

What do you all think?

Well, there’s a whole DLC in Borderlands 2 about the Dried-Up Seven Seas sooo … :joy:


There is an obscure in-game reference. When you get the Crawmerax mission You. Will. Die.
“There is an ancient tale in these parts of a massive beast that used to roam the sea. This is way back when there was water and everything. The tales have been passed down from generation to generation. His name was Crawmerax. They said he was invincible. Why am I telling you all of this? Since you blew up that Lance depot there have been tremors in the Deep Fathoms. Some say that Crawmerax is out there. That you reawakened him from hibernation. It would be one hell of a story if it were true, and whoever killed him would become a legend!”



EDIT: @Wreckerchick Double d’oh! Of course, thanks!

Of course!

I have a crazy theory that Pandora is partially solid ground and various organisms survive mainly through converting protein intake into muscle energy.

I’m a bit crazy with my theories.


Could you elaborate on “partially solid ground”?

I just got off work and might just be running a little slow, but converting protein intake into muscle energy just sounds like a carnivorous diet, am I missing something here?

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Yes, of course. Partially means “only in part, or to a limited extent”. Solid means “firm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid” and ground means “solid surface”. I hope that helps.


Yes indeed. Did the giant barnacles everywhere give it away? Haha. I kid. Actually the mission to kill crawmerax mentions this. And all the boats hanging around everywhere. And sunken sea. Etc.


Hey, Im the sarcastic one around here. Find a new gig :rofl:


Ok, time for me to sleep, it seems.


And all the giant skeletons you can see from the Crimson Tollway (when those annoying drones aren’t shooting at you) all have big honkin’ fish tails…

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I have a liking for the stranded ships and the burnt oceans. It adds a beautiful post-apocalyptic charm to the atmosphere of the games.

Yep, but the positions for Ironic spice, Snide spice and Acerbic spice are still open. I already copyrighted “mordant” so that’s taken, too. :laughing:


There were oceans once, but something happened and they dried up except for some very shallow (by previous standards) seas. Not sure I would have wanted to have been there before the water disappeared, considering the size of those bones

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And the ones that froze over (BL2 Southern Shelf & Bay). Something very strange happened to Pandora. On more than one occasion.