Ocoban mining exploration report

I think it’s a bad lore challenge,I mean, who in their right mind WASTES plasma dash on minions? I’m rank 10 with ISIC and I have 10/250 minion kills. I really like the taunt and would like to get the lore, but it’s either playing normally or likely facing defeat due to constant need of minion farming. I’m not a douche,so I just don’t do that but I see no other way to achieve this ridiculous thing.

You can do it in story mode.

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are you sure?and do all enemies in story mode count? I thought of that and entered story mode but didn’t get any progress even thought I’m 100% sure I killed a lot of enemies with it(as indicated by minion kill,minion kill,minion kill… after the dash).

Meh,maybe I’ll try it again, thanks.

There are minions in story mode, namely in The Algorithm.

Okay,so they have to be “minions” minions,not any other kind of enemy?Maybe that’s why I didn’t get any on the 2nd story mission. Thanks!

Yep yep. Wording’s kinda weird in many spots of the game, hopefully it gets sorted out by release.

Glad I could help!