October events inbound

am sure it will be put in the news section shortly, but while we wait…


Is it live now or will it be live later today?

never happy, are you? If you read the article, its for specific legendary items and class mods only. So what, now its ■■■■■■■■ that the devs makes an event that increase the drop rates of specific items?


Looks like i’m going to farm the hell out of Katagawa. Too bad I suck at killing him. Actually I’ll do Pain & Terror instead. Looks like they both will be dropping legendary class mods!


Kinda wish it was all legendaries, the main things I’m after are a relic, grenade, and fire Flakker. Lol

Still cool though and I’ll take it.

I mean, this is cool an all, something to help us out while we prepare for Bloody Harvest, so I’m down for some boss farming on my Lv. 50 Moze. Not sure who I’m gonna farm first though…some good options here.

Are Creeping Death and Earworm new items? I tried googling for them but there is no information about those two items what so ever.

If only my inventory and bank weren’t full… Would love to farm Katagawa for a Legendary class mod since I only have 2 of them for my Moze so far, neither of which is very good. Seriously, who at Gearbox thought it was a good idea to put over 200 unique Legendaries into the game, but only space to store 90 of them?

I’ve been playing since launch, and you don’t hear me complaining. I still get some legendaries here and there.

Also many of those specific items are so annoyingly common I could careless. I guess the only things worth while this event are the gatling gun and mods

Havent heard of those but worth a look

Does anyone know if gear dropped on TVHM has increased stats compared to gear dropped on normal mode? Want to make sure I do my farming on TVHM if that’s true…

Some people are ok with drastic changes to there games and many are not.

Hmm I’m either going to have to speed up my story progression, or I’ll have to figure out a faster way of dealing with Katagawa. Or both?

thats your argument? People have been crying all over these forums about the loot nerf. You got a week of specific drops rate increase, Legendary mods are kinda hard to get btw. And its BS? cool.

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Just use the transformer? :slight_smile:


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he got it right tho, negativity is king on here and its starting to get stupid.


I’ll be happy to farm these guys… I do play offline for drops and online for leg coms… I’m just so happy to be playing a new, proper borderlands game… TPS was terrible, imo. I could never get into it for some reason. It never felt like borderlands to me. But again, that’s my own opinion.

For one week of guaranteed class mod farming I can play online

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