Oculus Rift Ship Viewer / Cargo Bay - Maybe?

Hey all!

I’ve been toying around with the idea of creating a standalone Unreal Engine 4 App geared around Oculus support and Homeworld.

That said, I was curious as to how many of you here in the forums actually have a Rift DK that would be interested in seeing this kind of application prior to jumping into dev mode.

After seeing some of the concepts in the AoH HW art book, I feel it’d be really need to be able to see the ships in person. Given that Rift support is pretty easy to implement in UE4, it shouldn’t be too complicated once the models are transferred over.

Your thoughts?

I’m considering getting the Oculus DK2, but almost certainly DK3 or whatever their next version is that I can buy.

Hmm, I was considering getting a DK2 as well as it’s much improved, but it doesn’t have the rear head tracking, so for me it’s somewhat useless. I’m hoping Crystal Cove turns into a DK3 of sorts, but of their exact plans I’m not sure. I have Palmer on Facebook, but he’s somewhat cryptic lol.