Odd ammo regen question

I recently acquired a 250% Siren Radiation crossroad. The thing eats ammo, but i have noticed it will get down to maybe 500 ammo, then BAM back to 1740 max reserves. I never had that happen on other weapons, and have not changed my other gear (i do have a 40% absorb bullet shield on) but plus 1200 rounds instantly?

I mainly see it happen in the eridian/spectra mobs approaching the final battle. Maybe the way their “ammo” in their staffs is set up? I tested it just emptying the reserves into a wall and it ran out of ammo as expected.

Not arguing with what seems like unlimited ammo in combat, just trying to figure out where it is coming from and only on this weapon??

Also, highly recommend it. Does more damage without the anointed buff active than my Anointed Night Hawkin does after my Phasecast!

Moved you to BL3 L&W…

Thank you, my bad!