Odd drop in the newly patched game & DLC

So there I was, farming one of the new mini-bosses in the Commander Lil DLC. I’m up to level 75, so I’m getting drops of gear from lvl 73-75.

Then this drops. Look at the top, it’s OP1. Not new-style OP1, but old-style OP1, similar stats to the other Madhaus’s I have at old-skool OP1.

Bug or intended? I’m going to say bug, but it’s a very odd bug based on my decades of programming experience.
Anyone else seeing any “old” OP drops?

That just means it dropped at level 76, essentially one OP level from where you currently are

But but but…that tosses the OP designation in a cocked hat.

OP1 gear is one level above level cap. OP1 is not one level above current character level.

If OP1 is one level above character level then what happens to this weapon when she gets to lvl 76? It does not magically become lvl 77 (I assume), it’s still shown with an OP1 designator.
And when she gets to level 80 and does the Peak and gets to her first OP level, she may get an OP1 Madhaus. But that OP1 Madhaus will be (effectively) a lvl 81 Madhaus.
Which would mean that she would be (theoretically) carrying two Madhaus’s, both with an OP1 designator, but with substantially different stats because they have different effective levels. I can’t see that being the case.

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I agree with you that it’s stupid, but that’s how it is. In one level that will simply be a level 76 madhous
If you don’t believe me, just Google “bl2 madhous” and compare the stats of a level 72 and an old OP8, this one you found rests comfortably in the middle

Not a matter of belief, just trying to wrap my head around the logic of it. I will be very happy (and my mind un-warped) if the designation changes when I reach lvl 76.

Once you hit level 76, the level requirement will be level 76 and will stay that way forever.
They decided to not change the op requirement for whatever reason.
The OP weapons that you are acquiring before you hit level 80 will change levels.
For example, if you pick up an OP 4 weapon at level 76, when you hit level 80, the requirement to use that gun will be level 80. And once you hit 80, you will no longer get any OP weapons until you quit out and activate OP levels

Hope that helps!


I understand what y’all are saying, just makes my head hurt because it’s significantly different than prepatch/DLC where OP’s only happened in the OP levels.

Had this always been the case, getting an OP1 Flakker at level 25 that became a level 26 when you hit 26 it’d be familiar, and probably pretty cool. But it didn’t.

One more thing;
If this now means that this is OP1, one over my level, turning to level 76 when I do, then I shouldn’t be able to equip it until I reach 76. But I can.
See my confusion?

You could still use your OP gear for some unknowable reason, most likely so they don’t drop OP8 players into uvhm with no equippable gear.
From what I understand, you can also equip “new” OP gear up to OP8
Slightly confusing wording: New OP gear as in gear which acts as level 80+, obtainable only after reaching level 80 and switching OP levels back on

Yes, compared to how Borderlands has always worked, it makes no sense.
Guess they thought it would be easiest.
My best guess is they didn’t want to push all previous OP 8 gear down to 72, which would mean that in a couple levels, you would have to farm new gear.

That I get. What I don’t get is dropping new OP-labeled gear before I get to the OP levels again.

True, why does it say OP anything rather than just level requirement?
Probably a real reason for it lol

BTW, one of the main reasons for my angst about this is because this “new” way of handling OP items really screws up the app I wrote to manage all my legendaries/pearls/etc across (now) 157 characters on 4 platforms.
Was easy, if I parse text starting with ‘OP’ I take the next character as a number and add 72 to it to get the internal number I use in the data store to sort and display in the proper order, and still display it to the user (me) as 'OP’X.
But now OPx is not a fixed index from something, but a variable index based on the level of the character obtaining the item.
Now I have to stop using the OP designation in my app altogether and simply use numbers and do the conversionin my head when I get a new weapon I want to track that drops at what I’ll call new OP.
That’s gonna take me 10 minutes probably, plus 5 minutes to write a little conversion method to “fix” my current data. that’s 15 minutes I won’t be farming gear…

Bottom line - Understand doing this for gear we already had, my OP1-3 gear has all be converted to real levels, and the rest will. But dropping new OP designated gear prior to a fixed index (80) is not a great idea.

Hopefully you guys have figured it out in the last couple of weeks, but I’m going to try clarifying anyways.

There’s no such thing as OP-level gear. Only gear higher level than your character that would normally be unequippable.

  • Gear that says “OPX” is either
    • Gear that’s X levels above the current level cap. Example: A level 81 item is 1 level above 80, and is therefore shown as “OP1”. An OP5, level 74 character will be able to use level 81 gear at level 76. But the item card will say just say “OP1”, even when you hit 76 and it becomes equippable. Or
    • Equippable gear, at or below the cap, that’s X levels higher than your character and only equippable because your character has unlocked OPX or higher. Example: An OP2, level 74 character would see a level 75 item as “OP1”, because it couldn’t be equipped if the character hadn’t unlocked OP1.

For the most part, things behave just like they did before the patch. The only place that’s a bit odd is level 73 to 80 gear on a 72+ character who’d unlocked OP levels prior to the patch. A level 10 character with OP8 unlocked would have “OP” tooltips on level 11 to 18 gear, but I don’t think there’s any way to have legitimately unlocked OP8 at level 10.1

  • Gear that’s your level or lower just states its level, because no OP levels are needed to equip it.
  • Unequippable gear level 80 or lower always states its level. On an OP0 character this makes sense, because the only way to equip it is to reach that level. On an OPX character, you’ll be able to use it X levels before the stated level, but the item card won’t tell you this; you’ll have to do the math yourself.
  • Equippable gear level 80 or lower that’s X levels higher than the character will show OPX to indicate it’s only equippable because you’ve reached OPX or higher.
  • Any gear Y levels above 80 (the current level cap) always shows OPY. On an OP0 character this makes sense, because the only way to equip it is to reach level 80 and unlock OP level Y or higher. An OPX character, where X is higher than Y, will be able to use the item X - Y levels before level 80, but the item card won’t tell you this; you’ll have to do the math yourself.
    • This means that prior to hitting 80 there may be two items of different levels that both say “OPX” if 80 + Y equals character level + X. This only affects you if you’ve got items over level 80 from other characters and unlocked OP levels on the current character prior to the patch. Example: A level 78, OP5 character has a level 81 item gifted from another character, and has a level 79 item that dropped normally. The 79 item is only usable because the character is OP1 or higher, so it shows up as “OP1”. The 81 item is usable because the character is OP3 or higher, but because the item is over 80, it shows up as “OP1” instead of “OP3”.

Personally, I think it would be better if item cards just said “Level Requirement: A (B)”, where A is the item level and B is A - X (the level you can equip it). The parenthetical could go away for OP0 characters, and, if it’s over 80 and you don’t have the OP level to equip it at 80, it could change to “+C OP Levels” or something, where C is A - (80 + X) (the difference between the item level and the maximum level you can equip).

1 I have been wishing the game would allow us to unlock OP levels before level cap. Maybe you could unlock OP1 any time, OP2 at level 10, OPX at level 10(X-1), OP8 at 70, then OP9 and OP10 require 80. Then let enemies scale to player level even in NVHM and you could set your own difficulty to a degree.

Base Game Behavior

Gear has a level. You have a level. Before Digistruct Peak, if the gear’s level was higher than your level, you couldn’t equip it. If the gear’s level was equal to or lower than yours, you could. The maximum gear level was 50, 61, or 72, equal to the maximum character level of whatever patch you had installed. Simple.

Original OP Level Behavior

With Digistruct Peak, the maximum gear level went up to 80. A level 72 player can’t normally equip level 80 gear. But each time you increase your OP level, you increase the maximum gear level you can equip by 1. Unlocking OP8 means you can equip gear that’s up to 8 level higher than you. 8 levels above 72 is 80, meaning you can equip any droppable gear. Yay!

Instead of having gear that says “Level 75”, but is equippable at OP3, they set up the item cards so anything 73 or higher showed “OPX”, where X is how many levels above 72 the item was. Because you couldn’t unlock OP levels until you’d hit the cap, an OP3 item was always level 75, or three levels over the cap.

Not sure what would have happened in the old game if you’d somehow unlocked OP8 at level 10, but my guess is you wouldn’t have been able to use level 80 gear until you actually hit 72.

 OP Levels After Commander Lilith turned psycho and tried to murder Athena Then the new DLC came out, increasing the maximum player level to 80, and the maximum gear level to 90. To avoid nerfing or breaking characters, any previously-gained OP levels are still present and unlocked. So my level 72 siren who had unlocked OP2 before the patch can use gear up to level 74, just like she could before.

The difference is that any character can simply reach level 74 and use the gear directly without use of OP levels. So the item card was designed to show the standard “level / op level” text if the item is below the character level or too high to equip, but show the OP level required to equip it at the character’s current level if it’s equippable.

Nothing actually changed here, except making it obvious that “OP levels” were really just gear levels above 72.

So if you’re level 75 and an “OP1” item drops, it’s just a level 76 weapon that’s equippable because you’d previously unlocked OP1 or higher. A level 75 character who’d never unlocked OP1 would just see the item as “level 76”.

Picture Examples

80 and Below Gear

Here’s a level 74 Bone of the Ancients as seen by a level 21 gunzerker. He’s never unlocked OP levels, so the only way he’ll ever use it is to reach level 74.

Here’s the same Bone on my level 80 siren. She’s over level 74, so she can equip it.

So far, nothing’s weird. But now, we see the same Bone on my level 72 siren who’s previously unlocked OP2. It’s level 74, but equippable because she’s OP2. So it says “OP2” to indicate this fact. If she levels to 73, it will be equippable because she’s unlocked OP1, so it will read “OP1”. If she hits 74, OP level will be irrelevant, so it will just revert to saying “level 74”.

81 and Above Gear

Here I have a level 82 Hellfire on my level 80 siren. Because it’s two levels over the cap, it shows up as “OP2”.

Here’s the same Hellfire, but on my level 29 mechromancer. She can’t equip until she hits 80 and unlocks OP2, so it shows up as “OP2”.

Neither of those is particularly surprising. But what about 81+ gear that’s equippable by someone under the cap? Here’s an 80 Bee and an 81 relic as seen by an OP2 level 80 siren. They show as 80 and OP1, as expected.

Now we look at the same gear from the perspective of a level 79, OP2 siren. As expected, the level 80 Bee shows up as “OP1” because it’s only equippable after I unlocked OP1. The relic is equippable because I unlocked OP2, but it shows as “OP1” because it’s 1 level over the current cap. So being over the level cap trumps being equippable due to OP levels.

If your game randomly glitches and allows you to unlock OP levels before 72, the tooltips will correctly show OP requirements for any equippable gear above your level. This level 38 Easy Mode showed up as “OP9” on my level 29 mechromancer after the game randomly glitched her to OP10 for a few minutes.

38 Easy Mode on OP0 level 29 Mechromancer

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