Odd mission design decision in Moxxi DLC

Just took another character through the Moxxi DLC, and the one odd mission design decision there struck me again.
When you’re doing The Plan and gathering all the bits and pieces to get to Jack’s Tower, as you know you get teleported to the next stage right after you pick up the mission item for the area you’re in.
Why not just advance the mission, put another diamond on the map, and you go running to complete that section?
No other mission teleports you to the next stage. I’m wracking my brain to think if this ever happened in BL1 or 2 (besides Lilith learning how to move you) and I don’t think (99.9% certainty) this happens in those either.
Wonder why the level/mission designer decided to do this in this one and only mission?

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Someone noted in another thread that it’s basically mimicking a heist movie planning/execution montage. So, it’s an artistic decision. I will say that it was refreshing to have what is basically a glorified set of fetch quests not be so tedious due to constantly having to travel back somewhere.



Yes, I did say that :laughing:. They did that in the Ocean’s flicks and probably stuff from much earlier.

That teleport bit surprised the heck outta me the first time, after that I just left the items I needed if there was other things to do.

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I’ve seen it in some TV shows as well over the years. Script-wise I guess it was an attractive proposition for film and TV since it allowed explanation without extending running time too much.


It was a little jarring at first, but it added some nice flavor to the mission.


I honestly liked it. Took me a second but once I realized what they were going for it really cracked me up.


Yeah it was a bit of an “AHH I get it” moment.


I really enjoyed it. Just remember to loot before grabbing the items.

I missed that aspect of the mission completely :frowning:

While I recognized it as part of the heist theme I actually found it weird that it hinders you from entering/looting two rooms (one where you fought Tricksy Micks, the other in the J-Spot) without any real reason.
They could have simply made it so that the teleport happens when you are moving to the exit.

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The first time that happened it was irritating (I was about to harvest eridium). I asked myself “What just happened? And why?” The next stop I made sure I gathered up anything I thought was of value before I picked up the item, then wooosh, next stop. Then I liked that I didn’t have to run all over the place.

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I give major props for the direction on this mission. As you stated most the time it is, “go here, ok, come back and go here now”

Instead it actually helped me remained engaged. I felt like I was part of the heist and doing things while the other characters “do their part” as well.

Most the times I feel like the other characters are doing nothing even when they say they are doing something especially when they stay at the same place the whole time.

This DLC should be a prime example of how great quests can be laid out and finished. You can literally go through this DLC at your own pace and the missions will not slow you down unless you want them to. You don’t have to wait for ECHO’s to finish before a mission place setter is updated. If you know the DLC objectives you can speed through it. Love it!

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Necro’ing this thread because dammit.

Was picking up the pants and jacket from Jack’s tailors, had just picked up the second item when I was put into FFYL. Easy to get back…WHAT THE HELL!!!

I was whisked back into Timothy’s lair still in FFYL.
And of course, didn’t have anything to kill to revive, and none of my partners around the table bothered reviving me, so I bled out.

Don’t do that GB. When you whisk away please note if someone is in FFYl and revive 'em, OK?


I find this quite surprising; even the robot thats saying “HELP ME” will revive you. I guess the other 3 dont care; n moxxi is just a hologram… :frowning:

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