Odd possible glitch with BAR

Well the slag licked glitch has been well documented, and I have it in multiples.

But I have an odd instance occurring since that has happened.

Maximum Health always pops up twice as an option.

Seems like on gives me .2% and the other .3%.

The only other three options are the three stats I’ve ignored thus far. Must I invest BAR in to them in order to free up space, or will I just end up with 3 Max Health options.


You have to put points into those have you neglected. The more you neglect them the more Max Health options you receive until you have no other choice. Even worse, choosing only Max Health puts you into spiral as you continue neglecting the others.
I believe the first option of the five is always the recommended one for a balanced build so you should put a few of those points in there. Once Max Health isn’t a forced option anymore you should be able to put points into the “good” stats again (which always seems to be the fifth option for me which in turn is replaced by Max Health after a while until you balance it out again).

I think this was also a possible culprit of BAR resets in the past ever since BL2.


I have something similar happening in BL2 on Xbox 360 with my OP8 Siren. Fortunately, I have never experienced the Slag Licked Glitch. However, I pretty much ignored melee damage and grenade damage. I recently ended up seeing the multiple max health increase options. So, now I have some points in skills I had previously ignored.

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Thanks @BlackHeartV and @Poisd2Strike.

I’ll put that in to effect.

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This happens to me on and off and has been for a little while.

It will show up as either the bottom two or even bottom THREE choices available and if you choose the bottom one, it keeps repeating.

I’m not complaining a bit, since I’ve managed to make up for the health nerf in the OP levels, lol.
( I have tokens hoarded and unused as my current levels are perfect for normal gameplay )

( I should specify mine is on PS3, so wonder if it’s a global Borderlands issue )

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