Odd question about shields, indulge me please

So if you pick up a weapon, it’s total ammo is added to your own ammo count. HoHow cone when you pick up a shield it does add it’s total charge to you’re own?

Has anyone else ever pondered this? Also, why aren’t shield boosters a regularly droppable item, like ammo and health.

Probably because weapons give a fixed amount of ammo when picked up leading to a universal constant, regardless of the traits of the weapon in question, whilst the capacity of shields is modified by skills, BAR, relics, COMs and the parts and level of the shield itself, which wouldn’t exactly be a pleasant job to normalize and balance from a dev’s point of view.

Here’s a better question, why can’t we automatically pick up shield boosters after a delay, the same way we automatically pick up money, ammo, grenades and health? Does anyone actually use booster shields outside of Dhal allegiance runs?


Pretty much what @Tyler57 said

As for booster shields a lot of Axton players like the big boom blaster.

Tyler57 is probably right (I hadn’t even considered that).

The mechanics behind shield boosters, as the relationship between how long they last in the field, how much shield they restore, how often they proc, and whether or not they auto-pick up, are things the devs probably considered, and this is just where they landed?

If I wasn’t playing allegiance builds only (and wasn’t after free rockets/grenades with the Big Boom Blaster as @Piemanlee says), they are surprisingly good at stopping DoT if you don’t otherwise have your hands on a good Anshin shield (and can catch the boosters on the fly).

Also, using the WTF shield for offensive purposes can be quite fun.

Honestly if the boosters were auto pick up I’d run booster shields all the time.

Weapon ammo isn’t a constant. Different guns have different amounts based on their parts, and there are several skills that add to any given weapons ammo, and relics as well. And they could make shield boosters just like health pickups, where it restores a certain percent of whatever your total shield capacity is. It’s not a difficult concept.

I can’t say that i recall ever really using a booster shield…

I think he meant that picking up one type.of weapon always gives u the same amount of ammo. So if you pick up a lvl 12 white pistol it gives the same amount as picking up a op6 dpuh. For shield it would have to scale based on level and things like that.

Just make em restore however much of a charge they hold. Don’t over think it.

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Axton + Fastballs + Big Boom Blaster + Matching BOA Relic + Grenadier Com + Steady–Do or Die–Battlefront = WONDERFULLY powerful and survivable build that is a load of fun to play.


Right now I’m using Triad Thunder’s Last Man Standing build for Axton- considering I use an Explosive Fastball as my main FFL weapon I might have to see about getting a BBB shield…