Odd request. Any rarity COV pistol with ammo regen

Looking for any COV pistol with an ammo regen on terror anoint. It can be any rarity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but COV smg’s do not exist? If they do I’d love one with the same anoint. Also hunting for an elemental projector deathless, but I know that’s a long shot. I do have things for trade, just ask.

I’ll see what I’ve got when I get home, I’m in process of putting specific items on specific banks so I’ll do pistols next and see. What’s GT if I got one?

there is a gun called the extreme high hanging chadd that is cov and has unlimited ammo you get it as a reward from a side quest on eden-6 also uses fire bullets but i dont know if thats always on

GT is Renfried Beans.

@ryane90 Yes the hanging Chadd is awesome. Specifically looking for something to help regen ammo on my tediore chucking build. I find I wind up using my tediore pistol more than anything. Since Moze can’t regen anything to her ammo pool without using a cutpurse, my thinking is that regen on a COV would do the trick.