Odd Revive Bug in Solo Story Op

This is weird. Playing solo normal Attikus Story Op, starting at 50 Ops Points. Getting to the end when all of a sudden the “Player needs reviving” icon shows up in the middle of the screen, but with no direction marker and nothing on the minimap.

All I can think of is that something must have happened to NPC Attikus (who was further up the map in a thicket of yellow dots)? Anyway, here’s a short clip - it eventually just cleared on it’s own (presumably the non-existent player’s character died anyway?!):

Watching the minimap closely during before the sign appears, you can see NPC Attikus go drifting off the map, snapping back, then the “revive me” icon appears briefly on the map.

Theory: This section I had the “get the shards before the harvesters” side quest. I’m wondering if NPC Attikus accidentally got on one of the jump pads, but the island had since disappeared?

Also happened to me once in that same part of the mission, can’t remember the active side quest but yeah, it seems Attikus can be killed under certain circumstances and he “respawns” after a little while.