Ode' to Vladof sniper rifles

This here post is dedicated to what I believe to be the best implement of sniper rifles in gaming. Vladof sniper rifles in Borderlands 2. You know you’re in for a good gun when you see it, even if it’s white rarity (so long as it has the Vladof barrel). The thing is so cathartic, and imma explain why real quick.

Borderlands 2 was the first game in the series to implement the absence of an accuracy penalty while zoomed on sniper rifles. This element is a foundational touch within the game mechanics that makes this gun shine. With this, you can use this baby from practically across the map.

The next element is fire rate, and damage can be lumped in here too. This gun throws out all pre-conceived notions of balance and I love it for that. You get a fire rate approaching 6 per second, and there’s no penalties on damage. This is all well and good, provided you can land the hits :smirk: . The very requirement of needing sniping skill ensures that this gun never feels cheap.

And finally, the most important parts of the equation, the recoil! This gun barely has any! The best iterations can stay on target through consecutive shots. The slightly lower iterations only require minimal skill to stay on target. If Vladof guns are generally bullet hoses, the Vladof sniper rifle is a pin-pricc pressure washer.

The final, and most fun part of the gun’s design IMO is the sound. That satisfying little tap that sounds better with every fire rate increase. Like much of the sound design present in Borderlands 2, it’s surprisingly iconic. It provides that haptic feedback that, if I’m being honest, I would pay way too much money to experience on the PS5’s controller.

Oh yeah, and the design of the gun itself.
First we have the green.

The gun’s design is just insane and awesome. It looks like a rube goldberg machine that manages to work perfectly against all odds. The green is a classic texture of wood and metal.

The blue rarity droog looks even more badass. It’s the all-metal step up in production cost and quality. I also love how the bayonets’ position implies that it’s meant to be used on your enemies like an axe, because the gun tan take it.

The purple rarity is a little disappointing in style. All white kind of looks tacky. Not much of a complaint if you’ve ever used one, though.

And finally the white death. This sniper rifle is a more grizzled and badass version of the green’s style. This is fitting considering it’s name’s callback to history. Everyone knows that this sniper is one of the best weapons in the game.

And to finish this off, Vladof sniper rifles are great. I don’t think it’s at all contentious to call them the best sniper rifles in gaming. Here’s a little video I made a while ago. It does a great job showing off the cathartic sniping of these guns IMO. I especially like how the firing sounds accentuate the sounds of the song :grin:

I usually put a lot of effort into critiques, so it feels good to put that effort into something positive about Borderlands


Maya and a Vladof sniper, I win.

My greatest disappointment in BL3 was what GB did to the Lyuda/White Death. Took the most enjoyable weapon (for me) in the series and neutered it.

Which is why I still play BL2, and why Gettle gets killed 10 times a session (minimum) to maybe get a slightly better Vladof.


I’ve always been a Jakobs>Vladof guy BUT my favourite sniper has always been the Diaub, so there you go.


Snow/winter camouflage. Use it for Mercenary Day, Windshear Wastes, or that bit where Wilhelm hangs out waiting to be shot.

Agree about the Lyuda in BL3 - not really as useful as some of the other legendary snipers, which is a shame. I find I tend to alternate between Vladof and Jakobs in both BL2 and BL3 though.


Yeah Jakobs are always the best for damage. If you do get a nice diaub, it’s not too hard to sort of work with the recoil to stay on target. Getting a Jakobs barrel/stock one though, I mean yeah it’s powerful but is it even worth if it’s just not that fun to use?

Here’s the best rolled diaub I have, was playing around with it and a similar droog. Great recoil control with the dahl stock, and the crit multiplier does make it competitive with the droog. Just more fun using the droog imo.

Same. Also I might or might not have just started a Jacobs allegiance Zer0 to mess around with my huge stockpile of Jakobs stuff.

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