Of Command Rank capped at 100, commander packs, INCENTIVE TO PLAY PvP, and t2 skins

Dear GBX, you’re in a DIRE need of more players PLAYING the game they own PC -side. That’s nothing new, I’m not saying anything surprising or revolutionary with that sentence.

I don’t think I’m wrong here, except if you’re actually hoping for a PC player base to die out so that you can close servers and not bother with them anymore, of course. Except for that precise case, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want more active players right now, considering the low numbers. So I’m going to assume you want more active players on PC.

I don’t know about ps4 and xbox, but I suppose you wouldn’t say no to it either on those plateforms. And you especially need players playing regularly to keep playing. to form an active community.

Right now, I have to say that there is almost NO incentive to “grind” anything to this game in PvP passed a while.

-Command XP? Blocked at 100; any player who played the game regularly like me have reached it by now

-Character xp? This one a bit more, unfortunately, any player in the above case have probably achieved rank 15 or almost by now on his favourite(s) characters as well. I could always play characters that I don’t play often. But considering that most of the games lately seem to put me against rank 60-100 premades, that would be an annoyance for my teammates. I’d rather play pve with those for a while than pvp.

-Credits? Sorry, what? Credits? you mean the thing that has no use passed a while in PvP anyway? When you reach rank 100 you probably have your bank full of the gear you need (one could argue about legendary, but legendary in pvp, (especially since you lowered the amount of shards in overgrowth, that was the easiest map to use legendary /epic gear on) , sorry but I don’t use that, because it cost so much that anyone playing the objective and buying regularly elite bots and turrets/health station/accelerators will not have that much money before very late, making them very questionable compared to white/green. Considering what you’re doing on overgrowth with the current patch, it seems anyway that you are choosing (indirectly, at least) to restrain the use of high level gear in PvP.
Which, indirectly, means that you choose to make the grind for high priced items even less interesting for PvP play.
Either way, it’s a choice that players can make, but for players like me, sorry but it’s useless. Buying faction packs? unfortunately, you decided that even tier 2 skins (not even talking about t3) would have 0% chance of loot from them, so little to no interest either.

-Ranked play? Not yet available.

So what’s the reward for playing pvp after a while then? Well, almost nothing.

So please, please. Disable that rank 100 cap. allows peoples to get as high as they want by playing pvp. And keep giving them a commander pack every 5 levels. And allow tier 2 skin to drop from commander pack (with a decent % chance since it’s only every 5 level you get one, and it’s one out of 5 factions that will give you at best one out of 6 character’s skin).

At the VERY LEAST, if you don’t want to give it in normal commander faction pack, allows it for commander packs gotten after rank 100.
Like, after command rank 100, we would continue to gain commander rank, and we would get super commander “faction” pack (or whatever name suits with you) every 5 command rank.
The only difference with the normal commander faction pack is that it could also drop t2 skins.

The main problem you game have is inciting high ranked players to continue playing on a very regular basis, because it feels unrewarding right now. And you choice with the t2 skins is going to make things worse, because some players that were still playing and stocking credits waiting for t2 skins (like me) to come will now know that it’s useless to do that. Especially SP holders have no credit sink right now, as they don’t have to keep 47k credits to buy nw characters. We don’t have any use for those credits.

No credit sink + no xp gained + no ranking play = pvp not rewarding at all=> loss of players
Putting tier 2 skin behind a paywall without allowing at least players to have a way to grind them = players unhappy

The more players you have, the more you’ll be able to put correct MM system without pings/unfair MM/queue length problems. So the easier the task for you to put better MM that way, right?

You definitely DON’T WANT your player base to keep thinking there’s little point in playing.
REWARDS players that play a lot. Not just players that started playing /only play casually.
LOWER THE ANNOYANCE of players that trusted you and paid the game at full price, by having your paywalls NOT mandatory to get cosmetics… as long as you play a lot. BEcause we needs more players to play a lot. We need it, and you need it.

I won’t feel any more “badass” with a character by getting a nice skin if I pay with real money for it, sorry. Let peoples who want t oget a specific skin quickly do it, but ALSO get long time players to play more and fill that player count by rewarding them for keeping playing.

I’m sure you have a lot of very cool ideas for things to add to this game. I believe you on this. But You certainly don’t want this game to be deserted before you can show them to us, right?


I care, and you should too.

When someone is dying, tons of peoples care and peoples try to keep that person alive and bring it back to a healthy state. You won’t see peoples going “who care, that guy is dying anyway”. :]

That’s what the devs AND us AND the MARKETING STAFF should be trying to do right now.

To add more to what I said above,

Peoples were waiting for those t2 skins as a new incentive to play/grind.
They didn’t got it. Right now, there is no real incentive to play PvP post rank 100, and there is almost no decent credit sink either.

In other words, cosmetic microtransactions would be fine if any of the two following case
-Also the possibility to grind for them without money
-Other things without paywall to look forward to and try to obtain by playing
was verified, and that wouldn’t be that much of a problem right now.

->But, even though we really NEED SO MUCH more of the players to play regularly, GBX (or maybe the marketing department of 2K, whatever) is wasting a good “incentive to play more” type of content by locking it behind a “paywall only” system.

How is that even close to be smart. Make your already small playerbase angry and quitting, and missing out a good opportunity to have players play more? Really now? Who had that maaaaarvellous idea ?
I don’t mind microtransaction, but I mind the fact that they basically missed an opportunity to make the state of the playerbase better, of only a little, and even managed to infuriate a part of the playerbase while adding content.

What’s the point of adding content if there is too little players to play it any more? Shouldn’t the marketting team focus on having more players active before focusing on getting more money from the active players? You know, making the player base healthy and stable before proposing them to invest more in the game, IE, making that game trusted enough that it’s not going to “die tomorrow” for players, making them feel “I can buy a few stuff because I know that game will last long enough for me to enjoy what I bought” ?

The effort made with the t2 skin is WASTED.


look at the player base…

If you can still find other to play with them, it’s still alive. This game definitely needs more active players, yes. And that’s why i’m making that post. Because for the game to get more active players, you need more incentive to play, not more incentive to flee from it.
There’s an urgent need to add more interest in keeping to play that game. More interest= more active player= healthy game. There’s absolutely no point in putting behind paywalls stuff if no one buy because they are too worried about the game community’s current health. At the very least, even if there’s a poitn to it, there’s definitely more poitn in trying to correct the low player count first and then cash in when the number of player get better.

Except, of course, if 2K and GBX already have given up. But considering how active GBX is at listening to player’s request and communicating so far, I don’t think they have given up yet. Hence why it’s super important to give a feedback, talk about it, so that this game don’t stupidly die despite all the potential and all the things the devs want to add to it “afterwards”.

Well, I totally agree with these. I reached level 100 earlier than any other players and my total game hours recorded by now is 431h. I posted these issues way earlier but nobody cares. I participated In closed technical beta last year and was really looking forward for this game. Of course i pre-ordered the game and for twice because of the DD rewards. I even founded some game groups for Battleborn in my region to get more players into this game. I had great hope and respect for gearbox at the beginning, but as time passes they’re faded, especially when I saw what they are going to do with the in-game market, I nearly lost all my hope for gearbox,not to mention respect. GG, gearbox, that’s what you have done to your loyalest players. Say i will still pre-order BL3, but won’t expect too much.

I’m personally rank 100 since several weeks as well, but I wasn’t too vocal about that problem, simply because ithought the t2 skins would solve part of the problem after they arrive, at least for a while.

But if GBX don’t want to use the T2 skins to solve that problem, then they definitely need to find an alternative, and quickly. This is a real problem, most rank 100 players I know of are barely playing comapred t owhat they were playing before. That’s a huge loss.

I completely agree with you i hope GBX See this

Well, uh, you see, thesee T2 skins? those are beeing sold as optional DLC or whatever you want to call it, a way for GBX to supply battleborn with real dlc, maps and game modes.

And uh, you don’t need ranked… I mean, I hope they do in the future, but I’m glad they didn’t on release. It’'s not that hard to explain, I want to be able to face eeveryone together, and know both sides without having to play both sides.

As for levels, I’m fine with the cap but I do want to get commander packs still. maybe even after 50-100 lvls another legendary pack.

But um, most importantly. It’s a game… so have fun. There’s 1000% more to do in battleborn than overwatch. even in the pvp.

Mainly the “max ranked achieved” is the only thing discouraging me from playing, like, not getting exp for what I’ve done. I however don’t want a visual level beyond 100.

I’m not comparing that game to overwatch. I do not intend to go to overwatch any time soon. I am, however, playing other games mostly now. Because it feels so unrewarding to play PvP right now. It’s fun, for a bit. But it feels like, “if you wait more, then there may be more rewards so better play other games right now”. So you play a few games per week, and that’s it. Waiting for new content, because nothing to grind anyway.

I’m not simply talking about just me. The queues for PvP are long for reasons. The active player number is 12 times lower than what it was during the first week, after 1 month and half. it was okay with the starting number, it’s not okay now. Bear in mind, I’m not saying the game is dead. But you can’t have a stable and healthy playerbase with just that on PC. We needs more active players. So we need those players who stopped or mostly stopped to come back and play. If possible, a lot. So we need to interest them in playing.

Like I said, I’m getting nothing. No character xp, no command xp, And I’m not interested enough in what those credits can get me right now, either. I have more than 70k credits and don’t know what to do with it. My main character is rank 15, my command rank is 100. I’m far from being the player who played the most since release, as well.

Also, putting paywall for cosmetics is fine when you have a stable and healthy playerbase. We’re completely lacking that, at least PC side. It’s not good at all to do that now, it will have the opposite effect of makign even more peoples leave. That is to say, peoples that were eagerly waiting for T2 skins since a while.
We need mroe player, not less.

And for that, we need more incentive to play the game for peoples playing often. It can be t2 skins grind, or it can be something else and leaving the t2 skins behind a paywall. BUT. We need something. And Quickly. And right now, the only thing that is already available that can be used like this ARE the t2 skins.

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If they won’t go for all of that, then at the VERY LEAST, people who paid full price for the game should be allowed to grind post-100 and post-15 for chances at stuff that’s currently locked behind a pay wall.

I paid more than enough already, and I can hardly play most of the content on PC because there’s hardly anyone out there to queue with. I ain’t paying more for a game that’s near in-active.

I don’t think they can determine who paid the full price and who didn’t, considering that there was websites that were offering large discount for BB even during the pre-order period, not even the time you bought it would help.

also, it’s not time to make exceptions, we’re far passed the number of players remaining to just do that. All the players need to be able to have something new to grind after reaching 100, to feel rewarded. Not just peoples who paid the full price.

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My point was, if so many people can have fun in a game with no reason to play at all except to periodically unlock a few things, less than battleborn if you count titles and legendary gear, than I mean, you should be able to continue to play battleborn, unless of course you loged over 300 hours already or something, but that insane type of binge gaming is a little over the top so I’m not going to get into it, because that’s not a common thing and I doubt you have.

Secondly, I forgot to address legendary gear. Regardless of the changes made to shard economy, legendary gear is very usable in both meltdown and incursion. In fact, if you want to know how to use legendary gear in pvp, i can tell you right now. Shard generator. There, said it, you learned it, no more problems with legendary gear. 0 cost 2.1 shards per second is more than enough to buy all the gear you want and all the buildables you need. Either run one/no legendary gear but three items, or run a shard generaator and whatever gear you want.

But the second notion about the mention of overwatch. I do not care if you even knew the game existed, as you stated yourself, we aren’t just talking about you, we are talking about the masses, and one important thing to note is that first, if overwatch came out before, battleborn would have a lower overall now and futuree player base, and secondly, overwatch will pass because it won’t hold masses with its basically 8 maps and 2 actually distinct different game types (along with one variation and one mix of the two separate ones) without any PvE or gameplay involved items. Maybe, it will last for a while, but the game is so much more simplistic than say LoL or even BB here. People will come back in time, and we will have players again (i’ve yet to experience the 30 minute wait because there are a lot of xbox players still I guess)

Anywho, if you really want cosmetics that badly, and cosmetics are the only thing that will hold you to play a game and the fact that you want to earn them quickly, well, i don’t get it, and if they didn’t release the t2 skins after they said they would the 16th, well, they’d get a lot more flak. Also, it’s not in GBX’s control anyways, that’s all 2k

And character exp. Trying to learn otheer characters is one of the things people should do in a video gameee. When a person plays a shooter, they try all of the weapons, and use quite a few in their arsenal. And their arsenal changes. I think if you’re alright at the game you can play anything. I’ve mastered shayne, benedict and phoebe, and am close on reyna kelvin, and boldur. That’s literally a little bit of everything.

In the end, I think the only real problem with this game is the lack of players. Sure, wee could use more rewards for the exp we’re earning, but we’re lucky to even be able to level up characters. You can’t do that in a lot of PvP games. LoL I don’t think can, Overwatch sure can’t, and I’m pretty sure dota can’t, and I know that there aren’t character levels in 90% of fps games, since the characters you play as are usually just under your rank.

Also, I don’t think GBX is afraid to add more ranks in the future, and also, it’s been a month. One. Month. If it took 3 years to make a game, maybe the community (not neccesarily directed at you) could give them a little breathing space. They won’t have the first dlc right away, and they won’t have everything we want that week. A games not perfect, and that’s one of the best things about a game. You couldn’t post on a forum and have a game changed just a few years ago! I think we need to give the game time, and maybe if you don’t want to make BB your new religion, well thats fine. Play a few matches because you like the game, not because you want to earn more.

Feel free to respond but this is more of a closing statement than a continuation of the discussion, I’m sure other people and myself will still read it, I’m just not going to respond to any replies.

I’m afraid you’re completely missing the point here.

On what platform are you playing? On PC, we’re bellow 1k players right now. Lots of them are on US servers, outside of that there’s even less. We’re separated on various servers, then on top of this, there’s 3 PvP mode+ 2 PvE difficulty+ private match with means that the remaining players on your servers are cut in 6 different group, and then cut by the MM as well. If you try to play several times in a row, you’re going to have mostly the exact same players in the game, that is if you’re lucky enough to find enough players again.
Even in Europe queues can go above 30 minutes for an incursion match.

We NEED more players. I am not asking you if some peoples can still find it motivating enough to keep playing once they reached rank 100 as much as before reaching it. I am stating FACTS. We NEED THEM, and the current incentive to keep playing is just not enough to keep them. And the choice made for the t2 skins behind a paywall isn’t going to bring anyone back (that is, as well, a fact) as it’s not inciting anyone to play. In reverse, it disgusted regular players that were eagerly waiting for t2 skins and choose to go for other games after reading GBX/2K’s decision. Remember, we’re in a dire need of more players, and GBX’s decision for somethign that could have brought back a part of the playerbase is to lower the playerbase even more. I don’t care how much it will lowers it. The result of this choice IS negative, whereas iot could have been positive, and we’re in dire need of any choice resulting in more players.

Rewarding pvp grind with t2 skins could have bought back players that were waiting for more content to come back, yes. It would definitely have brought some back, and we need anyone we can bring back and incite to play.

It is a fact that the choice from the marketing department is completely ignoring the current state of the PC playerbase.
I wouldn’t say anything if we had a good playerbase, why not a paywall for cosmetics. Who could blame them to make profit from a game that is being successful. But it’s not the case. Any new content should be used to bring more player in. Not to cash some ridiculously low numbers of $$ with the few players tha may be interested enough to buy skins that they’ll have a hard time using afterwards because, heh, MM is taking too long anyway.

Also, I’ve been playing for around 200 hours after release and played around 70 hours before release. I know of shard gen as much as you, and I also know that 0 cost gen will take the place of another item completely, you’re basically having only 2 items instead of three. Also, that shard gen will take 15 minutes to get you enough for ONE legendary alone. By then, capture match is finished, and most incursion/meltdown match are already quite past half their time (since the number of match that goes to 30 min with no surrender and no team winning is far lower than matchs finishing between 20-25 minutes for me, at least).The amount you’re sacrificing just to have a legendary late game isn’t worth it imo, especially not for slow starter characters like I’ml often playing.
Now, if you read back, you’ll see that I said that this is MY opinion and that not everyone will have the same. But you know what? My point was that credits didn’t have anything interesting to spend on. Most legendary that are worth it are PvE drops. Meaning, they do NOT incite you to grind PvP to get more credits, but grind PvE to get drops AND credits at the same time.
Meaning, even if we were to ignore my opinion of legendary usage in PvP, legendaries are still NOT an incentive to play PvP AT ALL.

And that’s why you’re missing the poitn completely, since yo’ure discussing of something that has absolutely no consequences on the topic we’re discussing here. You want to farm for legendaries for PvP? Fine, but does that mean you’re going to play pvp match to get them? I doubt it. See, back to square one.

What you’re getting as a reward in PvP after you reached rank 100 isn’t rewarding at all. Playing for fun from time to time is one thing, but judging from the current number in the playerbase, that’s just NOT ENOUGH. I’m not inventing anything here. Just look at the numbers. Players have bought it, but aren’t playing it enough for the playerbase to be stable.

And yes, it’s been one month and half. Only one month and half, and the number of players is still dropping. We need ANY, I said ANY sort of motivation for players to come back and play more that we can have.
Grinding for t2 skins like I suggested above was one solution. Maybe just temporary. But that’s the only one GBX is ready to use. New maps aren’t ready yet. Of course they aren’t. It has only been one month and half. So what do we have NOW to bring back players?
Well, t2 skins.

And please, don’t tell me try to master more characters. I have like a dozen of characters above rank 10, with several rank 14-15. This above 10 includes 3 supports, 2 tanks, and several types of DPS. That wasn’t my point.

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I really don’t understand the attraction for skins, IMHO you can only see them during Character selection.

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It’s not a problem tho. The whole point is not to know if you care or not, but if some players care or not. You can’t deny that quite a good amount of players care. And as such, leaving a way to grind for such skins would be an incentive to play more. Especially if that grinding were to be pvp only (since PvE already have legendaries that can only be dropped here).
Even if you don’t care for skins, you certainly care for a bigger playerbase. And as such, anything that lower the playerbase count is a bad decision, and anything that raise it is a good one. What do you think putting t2 skins behind a paywall only system will bring to us?
And as such, is it a bad or a good decision for the game?

Not that I don’t care or not care, players opinions of their own are something I do value but what I am stating is I find it really hard to even see skins in this game with those player outlines, other than in the Character Selection process.

I find the meta-gaming argument a bit of an odd one, to be honest. I mean, I didn’t buy Battleborn to make the number in green circle go up. If some people now find that the game suddenly doesn’t offer anything because their number isn’t going up any more then I’m not really sure that you’ll ever change that perception.

Yes, levelling up does give you rewards (titles, gear, skins, taunts) but there are still things to get outside of levelling (and other ways to get most of those rewards). There are still some elusive titles that demand more play, and those are an incentive of sorts.

As to making PVP exclusive skins a thing, all that does is alienate the PVE crowd. They won’t want to “grind” matches to get those skins, and will feel cheated that they don’t have another way of getting them.

Regarding the cash shop skins, it will always divide opinions and is being discussed at length in other threads so I’ll leave that alone.

You can’t just brush it up that way, saying for yo u it’s fine, for you you’re not interested, for you blablabla.
It’s a fact that peoples are leaving due to the skins being behind a paywall without any possibility to grind for them, and that no players are coming back saying “oh cool they added a paywall, I was waiting for this to come back!”.
So this is an additional content that is diminishing the number of players when on PC we’re regularly around 500 players connected WORLDWIDE.
That’s just NO, any additional content should be used to bring more players as much as possible. You can’t … Just say it doesn’t concern you or so on. We need more incentive to play. Maybe not for you. Maybe not even for me. The only number I want to see rise up isn’t my command rank, it’s the “currently playing” number on steam.
It’s obvious.
Anything that can do that is welcome. If some players like to be rewarded, reward them (moderately enough so that they 'll keep playing), if some players like numbers to keep going up, lets the numbers go up, if peoples want to grind for t2 skins, lets them grind for t2 skins.

We need something. If you see something else available outside of t2 skins, then feel free to add this. If something else can work, then why not. But we need it now, not in 2 months.