Of Garcia jakobs shotgun been farming with no luck

If someone has a good Garcia I’ll trade. Trying to build my flak

I am farming for a Garcia gamma burst right now, what anointment are you looking for?

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Something that will work with crit build where are u farming I’m in floodmoor. Do u have a good artifact/class mod

Like last stand Otto

Sure but the stats on the one that I have are ffyl downed time, irradiate chance, incendiary damage.
Also, you may want a one pump chump instead of a garcia for a crit build but I can’t help you with that

I just dropped Garcia with 50 incendiary after skill

125% nice!

What artifact are u using?

atom balm otto idol but I’m using gamma build. You want this 125%?

I need 1 with action skill /shotgun dmg. Sure if u don’t need it

Psn is PlzDntCry2

Can’t find you on psn, try sending me a request psn Ice-T411

How weird I can’t find u either

I think Sony is having issues, I can’t find another player either

Ah ok

Check your friend requests

I’ll check now sorry