Off-hand gun bonuses

There is no such thing as a crit transfer between guns, the whole thing is just a bad explanation.

All of your gear
And all of your skills
Give their bonuses to YOU

Sal just happens to be able to wield 2 guns at the same time, so he has an extra source of crit bonuses.

All of these operate the same way: The tresspasser allows YOU to bypass shield, you just happen to be able to do it with another gun too.

Moxxi healing doesn’t transfer: it applies to YOU as a whole: when you’re holding a Moxxi gun, any damage you do will heal you: grenade, melee, Helios, Shock storm, Unforseen, Nova shields, Spike shields, Raving retribution, Cloudkill …anything. Of course, that means it applies to the other gun Sal is holding.

And yes, 2 moxxi guns do stack: they both give YOU their effect


Yes, it’s 12. The skill’s description is wrong.
…So its even more powerful than it should

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Thanks, man love your explanations.

But I have a couple of question more

1 - Does any of the bonuses listed above not apply to you and instead just the gun with? or all those bonuses add up to both of your hands?

2 - These bonuses are only applied to the left hand when you have the weapon with bonuses in the right hand? or does it also work the other way around?

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Useful to know! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation!

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Most of the bonuses above will modify a weapon accordingly when it comes from the gun, so there is really nothing to track as far as bonuses go. When the source is external to the gun (like a skill or another piece of gear) it applies to the character as a whole.

There are some skills and gear that don’t apply to the off-hand (Like Tiny Tina COM reload and fire rate bonuses, or I’m your Huckleberry) but those are exception that are born from the engine or badly coded.

When a gun provides a fire rate bonus for example, it will simply update the value on the card, so its not really a bonus, if I’m making sense.

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I think I get it, so those bonuses are only applied to the gun and not to you (except critical dam.), I am talking about these bonuses[quote=“Agus, post:1, topic:1559271”]
Increased stability
Firing increases stability
-+ weapon accuracy
-+ weapon recoil reduction
-+ weapon damage

  • critical hit damage
  • weapon reload speed
  • melee damage (do they add up?)
  • fire rate
  • mag. size
  • gun damage

not the Trespasser, moxxies, etc.
Not sure if I am explaining myself correctly

I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s take an example in your list: fire rate

where does that hypothetical fire rate bonus comes from ?

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Hmm, let’s take this Carnage for example which has - weapon fire rate, + weapon damage and + critical damage. A perfect Specimen to take:
Now look t the stats below the weapon, are they already applied to the weapon and for instance, DOES NOT affect your character and therefore the other hand or those stats DO affect your character and your other hand? (same goes with the list of bonuses)

That is correct
Those bonuses are already applied to the weapon’s stats above, so they don’t change anything else. Those bonuses are simply comparative to other weapons of its type (the non-unique version) so they don’t really mean anything per se

I don’t even look at that part of the card anymore to be honest.

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Let me summarize what I understood, just to know if I got this right

The stats I was talking about at first weapon: accuracy, damage, crit, fire rate, etc. are already in the weapon and do not share anything.

Only exceptions are some unique/legendary/pearls that have unique effects that affect the character directly and therefore both hands, that is why Lady Fist/Grog Nozzle affects your critical rate and is shared with the other hand because they are Special Weapon Effects (red) .
But other weapons with the crit prefix, for example, does not modify your character just the weapon itself

Yes, but! In the specific case of critical hit bonus, see this post from the old forums:

Relevant bit is (emphasis added):

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Yeah, crit bonus are the exception

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Question: what if i have a rubi with 10 mag size on my right hand does it still get full money shot bonus on the left hand??

Yes… and no

On principle, yes you would get full bonus, that’s what my Deputy build is based on:

…but you wouldn’t actually get the “full” bonus because the card for this skill is misleading, and it actually scales up to 12, not 10.

so i can still play as deputy sal with my rubi with 10 mag and still deal some damage??

Of course :slight_smile:

You’ll get 5/6th of the damage.

If your Rubi has a mag size of 10 on the card, you’ll get the full bonus since the 5 points in FttB will push it to 12 anyway

oh wait no the card on my rubi is 8 mag size and FttB boosts it at 10

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Oh, then you’ll get the bonus listed in the skill description, or 5/6th of the maximum possible bonus.

ok thanks i think i’ll farm another rubi with mag size prefix for sal thanks

No need: just getting a matching grip is enough and much easier (and beneficial in other ways anyway)
A bandit grip also works

If you feel like farming for parts with a Rubi, get a Maliwan grip and either expeditious (fire rate) or Binary (double) prefix, as well as slag element of course.

A Maliwan grip will increase the mag size (important), increase reload speed (still nice) and increase chances to slag (pretty important)

The 2 prefixes I mentioned will both increase your slagging abilities (which is really the only thing that matters ) by making bullets come out faster