Off hand weapon stats

This may sound like a weird question but I’ll try to explain it the best I can. I’ve looked everywhere and I haven’t seen anything on it. I have 4 weapons equipped. Do I get the stats of the three weapons that I’m not shooting with? If I have -50 weapon damage on my pistol but I’m using my rocket launcher. Do I get -50 to my rocket launcher damage?

Lucky for you, that isn’t how guns work in this game. The stats under a weapon are specific to said weapon and are already calculated into the numbers you see. If it says it deals 100 damage, but has a “-50% damage” tag under it then it still deals 100 damage.

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So if I have a weapon that has +120 melee damage and I have it equipped but I’m not using it my melee won’t be +120?

Nope. While you have that weapon in your hand you get the bonus because you use it to melee. When using another gun you do not get that bonus.

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Sweet thanks