Off-Level Drops!

So frustrating. I’m level 72, farming Savage Lee for a DPUH and he’s dropped a level 70 Hard UH twice. Saturn does this same thing. Every time I farm that area for those three red chests and then kill saturn, he drops level 71 at best, more often level 70. How does a level 74 enemy die at the hands of a level 72 player and drop level 70 gear?

Common complaint. It’s that way incase you are playing co-op and not everyone is the same level but unfortunately it also does it for solo players. On the up side you now have a lvl 70 weapon you can pass to a lower level toon.

I have a level 58 siren, level 50 gunzerker and a pair of mules that until recently, all had inventories and vaults full of weapons I liked but couldn’t use anymore because I leveled out of them. I started selling stuff and there are a few that I really regret. In particular, I had a purple 54 round explosive torgue rifle with a vladof barrel and 3.1 second reload that I sold on accident. I didn’t realize it until later so I couldn’t go back to the machine and buy it back. I felt pretty sick.

Gears drop at around 3 levels of the player (in UVHM. in TVHM/normal, gears drop around the level of the area). If you are lvl 60, gears can drop up to lvl 63, and can be as low as 57. However that’s rare, usually it’s around 2 lvls of the player but 3 can happen as well.

As you’re at the highest lvl, gears cannot drop above your lvl anymore, so it can only drop equal or below your level. This also applies when you’re playimg in OP level.

What intrigues me is, where does the pool of higher lvl gear go when we’re at max lvl? Does that mean we have better chance to get equal lvl loot? Or does it just disappear? :stuck_out_tongue: