Off map Bandit Dook Hut and White Chest

Maybe this is common knowledge, but I have not seen anyone do this.

There is a way to get to an off map Bandit Dook Hut that contains level 24 to 26 loot while you are at a low level. You can farm it and sell the loot to buy stuff that will be available in the next mission. Map Genie labels it a “Porta Potty”, but they note that it cannot be accessed until later in the game. This gives you early access to it.

Also, there is a White Chest that is not on Map Genie’s Borderlands 3 Interactive Map.

Off map Bandit Dook Hut and White Chest by docked Sanctuary

The Bandit Dook Hut has level 24 to 26 loot that you can sell before taking off in Sanctuary.

Run and jump from the top of the ramp next to the sphere.
The platform on top of the sphere has an invisible spot where you can jump on it.
The invisible area is just left of center as you look at the platform on top of the sphere.
Then a couple more jump/mantle’s and you can drop down to where the juicy loot is.

Map Genie has the location of the “Porta Potty”, but it notes that it is not available until after Sanctuary takes flight. This jump lets you get to it before Sanctuary launches.

The White Chest is on some elevated off map terrain. It can be seen from the Catch A Ride
beside Sanctuary and is a short climb and run.


Well that’s random… knew about the chests, but didn’t know that one would throw level 26 minimum. It’s easier to get here if you jump up this little sand dune and walk over the rooftops to get into that area.

The EAX (or whatever) sound effect modifiers are in use in there are weird too… like it’s set to echo, but the actual walls are too far away?

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That way is easier, but I wanted to get to the loot before Sanctuary lifted off.

Yes, there is a kind of hollow sound down there.

Good point!