Off To Overwatch PvP For A Few Weeks. (Character selection needs fix)

First off, this is not a “Overwatch is Better!” Thread. In fact, in my own opinion, Battleborn has a much better skeleton and is much more fun to play. However, I am tired of the biased character selection process in PvP. There are always 1 to 2 people, if not more, who get to pick characters before me when the game loads.

I am not only taking about Alani, but there are many lore challenges I have yet to complete because people love OM, Rath, Marquis, Galilea…

So for now, until this fix Gearbox, I will pvp in a game that at the very least allows more than 1 character per team.

Needless to say, your PvE stole my heart and I will be grinding out those levels as much as always.

Love ya, hope you get this resolved!


Then why mention it in the title?


Games been out for how long, and already you’re going to shelf it because other people are playing with your toys?

What if they never change that aspect? What if we’re only allowed one of each hero in a match (personally, I dont want multiple of the same heroes in a match) for eternity? Sounds to me like you just need to be open minded and find other heroes you enjoy playing. I mean hell, theres 20 more heroes than those you mentioned.

Honestly, later dude…


He’s taking his net and going home guys

what do you mean fix this? Fix it so you get to choose first every time? Someone else made a thread about this and ill say the same thing i said there.

Again… no one would want to go into a 5 man gal team… or really any 5 man team make up… 5 OM grenades in one spot… 5 spining raths… yeah no thank you, find people make a private match and do it there.

You don;t know that the person playing rath hasnt tried to get rath the last 5 games.

Also you labeled 5 heros there, Marquis, OM, Rath, Gal and Alani. Thats a 5 man team, theres zero chance you dont get one of them to play.

I personally have never had an issue with characters, if the one i play is taken i play another i like. Theres no point in asking for a change thats not gonna happen because normal players don’t want it, reason i like this over OW is unique characters as well as many other reasons.

Also, as ive also said in other threads, in the nicest way possible, No one cares if you say “im going away for a few weeks” … its such a kiddy thing to say, if your going to go, go, ta ta. No one on the forums is going to beg you to stay


I just find it funny how these threads only show up after Alani was released sure the OP said it has nothing to do with Alani but it seriously took you 21 days to figure it out? I don’t believe that in the slightest.

Uhhh who liked this thread? Op?

You ever play a MOBA? You think League didn’t have this problem when it was first released? Use your brain. Don’t be a one trick pony and then get upset about the game.

And please stop mentioning that dreaded overwatch in these forums. Please? The game is already getting an insane amount of attention, it doesn’t need more.


The idea of going up against multiples of any character just seems wrong to me. While sure you get to play the character you want, then you have to go and face a team of 5 galis. No thank you. That concept doesnt work for this game.

Getting tired of seeing all this overwatch nonsense on the forums. This is a place for battleborn. Not overwatch.

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because if he just stated it needed a fix and didnt say " something something" overwatch no one would reply to it :mask:


I can understand that. Personally I would like it if we could set our character preferences BEFORE matchmaking so that we always get the character we want. More popular characters may mean longer queue times, but I think everybody would have fewer headaches (fewer DCs, fewer pissed off teammates settling for second choice, etc.)

It especially sucks when you are trying to get PVP lore masteries and people keep picking your character.

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Ah, I like this idea.

This was also something done in Paragon and Heroes of the Storm and I loved this.


Everyone here acting like I did some social injustice by mentioning Overwatch. And actually I did post on this issue before Alani. Im actually going for Marquis lore now. And I think queue time is a good idea.

I specifically said overwatch wasnt better. Just more opportunity to pvp in the style I want. PvE will be Battleborn all day every day.

I don’t want multiple copies of one character per match but I do find it annoying when 3 people can lock in while I’m still waiting for the character select panel to even show up. There are plenty of characters I like playing but sometimes I’ll go into a match with one or two that I want to play and end up getting neither because I can’t even select my character. It’s a little annoying and something that needs to be better.

Oh, I didn’t realize Versus was like that. I only started playing Versus today. Three matches, when I saw my favorite character Deande was chosen, I waited for everyone else to pick and tried to pick a position that wasn’t taken, no healer so I chose Alani.

I just chose that way as I thought lack of diversity could hurt the team. But yeah, I do think that is a good idea, having diversity. An entire team of Kleese throwing down shields might not be ideal. But I do feel like having a lot of the same is kind of unbalanced at times in games. I always disliked that Marvel vs Capcom 3, you needed three characters, and the person can have Ryu and Akuma (similar characters) on the same team, when I need to diversify or dilute my strength not having two of my best character (Chun-li).

But yeah, I think it’s actually reasonable…

The unique characters in pvp is actually the only reason i ended up finding characters other than Miko that i could play reasonably well.
As an Australian with fun Australian latency, Miko was basically my only viable choice, so i played it religiously.
Then people started sniping Miko.
Ended up playing characters at random to see if i was able to effectively play any others, and so far I’ve come to get pretty good at Orendi, Reyna and Pheobe.

The only time I’ve been frustrated is since Alani released and i haven’t been able to PvP with her yet XD

Also, fun fact about Overwatch, Having duplicate characters on your team is a hindrance more than a help, as it allows one enemy player to switch to that character’s counter (And yes, Overwatch classes directly counter other classes) and shut down 2 players at once.
Not to mention that you’re near on forced to switch characters multiple times in reaction to the enemy team switching to your counter.
Good luck playing your favorite Overwatch character when the enemy team switches to counter and demolish you all game long.

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“Off To Overwatch PvP For A Few Weeks. (Character selection needs fix)”

Why didn’t you just title your post “Character selection needs fix” then, instead of stating the content of your post in parentheses after the fact? What did you expect to gain with the implied threat to go to the “competition” because of your complaints?


/thread, lol. Good point.

Correct me if I’m wrong(please).

The OP’s main gripe is that he has to sit there at the character select staring at the question mark unable to select (or view) any characters while he watches others insta-lock the people that he happens to want to play.

This issue really is annoying as it happens to me a lot when I want to play someone more popular. Luckily I’m mastering WF right now so I don’t have that issue as much. But the complaint stands, we need to have some sort of fix to this delay at character select.


I tried smite on the arena mode with unlimited abilities before and everyone on the opposing team went the God of war, needless to say it was horrific and broken

The fact you can have multiples of the same character in 1 team kinda sucks in OW, you need a balanced team. I would be surprised if they allow this in anything but casual quick play.