Offensive content in Borderlands 3

The “Eridian Writting” symbol in the drought is a calligraphy of a verse from Quran, the holy book of muslims. This is sacred and using it as alien writting in Borderlands 3 is offensive to hundreds of millions. Please fix this.

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What does it mean? I’m not as well informed as I would like to be. the strength I see in your post is that your bring awareness. Respect.

This is a game that contains thousands of murders of men, women, children, aliens, and other animals. Is that not blatantly offensive?

I am not familiar with quran calligraphy. This artwork is offensive?stickers-islam-aliexpress-avec-muslim-arabic-bismillah-quran-calligraphy-wall-sticker-islamic-idees-et-avec-1000x1000px

Is that what Gearbox copied?

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No. Killing people in the game is not offensive unless you are a Bandit :smile: .
The calligraphy itself is not offensive. The calligraphy writes part of Quran verse 3-139 in Arabic:
ولا تهنوا ولا تحزنوا وأنتم الأعلون
Which translates “So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are believers”
The problem is not with the verse or the calligraphy. The problem is with misplacing it as an alien writting in a work of fiction.


alien literally means from somewhere foreign. The quran is alien to me, i don’t know much about it besides its a holy book of sorts. Considering Pandora isn’t…Earth, whats wrong with it?


Looks slightly different but hey nice spotting lol

I don’t see this in the image you displayed in your original post. Can you show the writing in the image that offends you more clearly?


I’m sure a few people are not happy with the cover of Borderlands 3 for its copy of Jesus Christ.


Typhon Deleon voice

I find religion itself offensive. I find murder in the name of your god-queen offensive. Lots of real-world things, I find offensive. But I says, if it happens within the bounds of a virtual box, dig in and pass me seconds!


get over it literally the artwork for the game is a photo from jesus as shown in one of the comments above and i dont see the similarities youre trying to point out the game is about people doing crazy ■■■■ for these so called gods

I can read it I agree it’s read that crystal clear in kufi calligraphy ولا تهنوا ولا تحزنوا
Don’t be humiliated (or weakened), dont grieve (or be sad)
But am not offended
Am proud that I saw it
And glad they chose Arabic for eridians
I like the eridians

Thanks 2K :smiley:


So, are there “hundreds of millions” of muslims playing borderlands 3? Do you speak for each and every one of them?

Hopefully this will not get flagged as offensive as they are just questions. Hard to understand why if something is offensive to someone they will continue to be interested or participate in it.

Not going to lie, I thought this post was going to be a semi-joke. Borderlands is all about being offensive. Making jokes about religion, politics, really anything. I’m a Christian and nothing in this game is offensive to me because I know that’s what it is, and I choose not to be offended by any of it. If I did choose to be offended I wouldn’t play it.

Honestly they could very well have chosen that as an easter egg for those who are familiar with this. The writing seems to fit the story of the game so I do believe it was intentional. Thanks for pointing it out because that’s interesting, but I sincerely hope they don’t remove it.


It’s a fictional race in a game using a quote from a fictional book, you could say all Easter eggs in this game are offensive because you enjoyed the source material that it was based on.


I vote for the removal of this and to be changed with anything else. Out of all the words, languages, and shapes in this world why go to something holy!

Thread necromancy is uncalled for, regardless.