Offensive shield for Grenades?

Since the last patch made Fastballs reasonably easy to obtain, I’ve had a lot of fun tossing them with my Axton. I’ve found that farming a lot of (non-raid) bosses only takes a small handful of Fastballs to kill, and it had me wondering…

Is there any shield that boosts the damage of grenades in general? Or something that boosts elemental damage (and thus an elemental grenade)?

The only shield that comes to my mind that has anything to do with grenades is the Big Boom Blaster, but all that does is regenerate grenade (and rocket) ammo, which for my purposes is redundant with a magical grenade mod like the Magic Missile.

To clarify, I’m not looking for any type of defensive bonus. I’m looking for an offensive bonus for grenades. Does this exist?

I don’t believe one does.


nope. but the big boom blaster is a good shield for a grenade spamming build. running out of grenades and waiting on your magic missiles in the middle of a fight will severely hurt your offensive abilities with grenades (b/c you have none to throw)


True. I’ll probably grab a Big Boom Blaster when I try farming harder bosses. For now, the majority of what I’m trying to kill dies in 1 (Boll) to 8 (Tinder Snowflake) Fastballs. Even with the easier bosses, I’d equip it since it’ll help me more than a Bee (except when I feel like just shooting a mag or two to save some grenades.)

It’ll have to wait as I have yet to see a single Seraph Crystal in person.

It drops of Pyro Pete, you can only buy it in True I think.

How to obtain crystals.

  • Jackpot machines(Tiny Tina eridium ones)

  • Bosses(raid)

I understand how to get the Seraph Crystals… I’ve just never had one in my possession.

As of right now, my characters are:

  • 68 Axton (Solo only)
  • 64 Maya (Co-op Duo only)
  • 42 Krieg

and some noobs that haven’t even beaten NVHM Wilhelm.

The only raid bosses I’ve killed so far were all in NVHM for the achievements. I don’t even plan on raiding until I’m 72 so that if they drop anything good, it won’t ever get out-leveled. Even if I go to OP8, I might want to drop back down to 72 now and then and use level 72 gear so I don’t OHKO everything.

I’d rather spend my Eridium on ammo / inventory upgrades, so I haven’t really paid attention to Tiny Tina’s slots. Besides, you have to be quite lucky… and even then I’ve heard you’d have to get quite lucky multiple multiple times before having enough Seraph Crystals to actually buy anything.

But does that shield drop in TVHM?

I’d expect it does… but I’d be looking at using a level 50 shield for a level 68 character… Not sure how well that would go.

I guess I did say: