Offer legendary Class Mods FL4K, Moze, Amara

Search Class Mods for Zane



Is that what the Legendary COMs look like? I figured they’d be… more than just a couple of points. Anyway, I’m down for one of the Moze ones (don’t want to be greedy and ask for them all, though I will likely use them all at some point). Is the Legendary Gunner available?

I’m as much interested in how the mail transfer system works, too. Do we need to be friends in Epic?

I might be able to help you. What is your Epic Games name?

Adabiviak (and so there’s no misconception here, I don’t have anything to trade other than some orange gear that I redeemed early: I have a level 1 Girth Blaster Elite, Ultraball, and Hyper Hydrator, though I’d like to use them for the next hour or so). :laughing:

…like I’m down to trade just to see what that mechanism looks like (sorry @daywqalker-ch).

bump bump

I am interested in your Flurrying Solitary Breaker. I have an Executor Mod to trade.

Already sent you a mail. Can you show me the stats?


Thats fine, we have a deal! Im online friday evening CET

Great what is your Epic name?


hI! When are you online?

You already sent a friend request? Whats your epic name?

do you still have the flurrying breaker mod. i may have something you want to trde it for

Nope sorry, but other siren stuff:

could use the cutsman what else are you looking for?

Cryo Elemental stuff or operative anointed

only cryo item i have are the artic disciplined nighthawkin .

I’ve also got a treacherous operative mod

I’ve got this:
would love that cutsman
Epic: FlvrT0WN