Offering gameplay/op runs/raid tps or bl2

helping folks out bl2/tps. can do op8 and uvhm lvling and leveling for tps to 70 or general game runs.

since i have done a lot of leveling, raids or dp runs are a little more interesting. can bring any bl2 char to the mix.

i have all chars at op8 for bl2 and Nisha at 70 for tps

prefer folks with mic. i am in PST timezone and on about 5:30 pm onwards.

please send psn req to teacup775 with a note about what you need. thx!

prolly will be on most of this weekend (sat-mon)

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I am at level 56 and would love some help leveling :wink:

psn is teacup775
i’ll prolly be on tomorrow

I would be happy to get some help with the peak again (was OP8 on the PS3 but started fresh (save for Badass rank) on PS4), so I’ll add you if that’s ok Chitsa.

Hi I definitely need help getting to op8 on bl2. Also I would like to level up my character in tps. I do have a mic. Im in eastern time zone. My psn id is Rossm227.

psn leeroyadams, need help on digistruct peak.

i can prolly help tomorrow

psn is domnation? i’ll be on tomorrow, so send me a friend req (psn teacup775).


currently reset gameplay on tps, so fast leveling is out until i finish more of the story line.

will kill any raid in bl2 or do dp runs. i can pwr level with dragon raid. just be prepared to die (unless really good at evasion) and to move your toon as needed by the raid/repeating efficiently.

I’m interested in leveling/having a team to run with. psn: bigbrothamilky
ps. i have a lvl 63 mechro

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Hey I added you did you get my request? Can anyone here please assist in pl I’ve tried for 2 weeks getting my old 72 op6 chars back but it keeps having problems. Would greatly appreciate and return favors once I’m of appropriate lvl

i can prolly do it tomorrow, but the last two nights i’ve returned home a bit late-ish.


Hey, Still online? Need partner in op8 raid :smile:

That was some crazy lag, but we got it.

bump. pst 7ish…

I got a 60 Krieg and down for whatever. you on tonight?

just got off. need sleep. we can try later this week. i have a few chars around 60 for regular game play, rather than op, or lvling.

No worries. Sent a message on PSN earlier so you have my profile. Appreciate it!

bumpidy bump.

nisha returns to lvling.