Offering help on Borderlands 2

let me know what you need. Either reply or message me on Live. My gamer tag is: Snatch Beef
I have a lvl 72 of each class, plus more

Do you power level? :o I’m at 52 but I just wanna level up already lol

Can you run op levels?

Gt nutshercules

i can power level if needed!

hey gt Just Swaying

Send me a message on xbox il help in a hour or so, GT: DeadxMaiden

ok suspence is the messegeer invite hm to partythx

Anyone whiling to help me level from 0 to 50 I know a good way just need a high level to help me gt xDIZZIxSHOTSx

can some one power level my siren 0-50
Gt KiingHov

Is there anyone still available to help? I’d like my commando leveled up as high as possible… I had 3 max level characters on xbox 360 but sold it before I could transfer and I hate doing all the low levels over again :-(.

Gamertag: FullGrownB3ar