Offering items below

I have the following to offer:

  • Lucian’s Call (Fire)
  • Lyuda (Radiation, Shock, Annexed Normal, Corrosive)
  • Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter (+1 Thin Red Line, +2 Phalanx Doctrine, +2 Desperate Mesaures)
  • Last Ditch Bloodletter (+3 Desperate measures, +1 Phalanx Doctrine, +1 Thin Blood line)
  • Burning Flakker
  • Cocky Flakker
  • Itchy flakker (lv. 49 sadly)
  • Electric Slide Deathless (+16% shock dmg, +37% FFYL Movement Speed, +33% AOE dmg)
  • Shock Stone Deathless (+16% Corrosive Dmg, +18% Shock dmg, +8% Movement Speed)
  • Negating Infinity
  • Hex (Cryo, not Recurring)

Looking for:
Anointed Maggie (preferably w/ a general effect)
Anointed Conference Call (preferably w/ a general effect)

I’ll consider other offers too just reply below

Sadly i have everything your offering in anointed versions since i farm like crazy after work daily.
Only thing i am looking for right now are anointed infinity pistols and a rare purple tedidore shotgun with thrown becomes MIRV 3 or 4 with homing.

But i can help -

Gt - xCaliburxxx