OFFERING L72 M10 Bekah free or trade

Hello, I have a few Bekahs for offer. Below is a list of items I am looking for in exchange. However, if you do not have any of these items, I am more than happy to send you one for free as I understand the process that goes into getting one of these weapons at max level. First come first serve.

PSN RhetoricalFish

Heat Exchanger w/ AS cooldown, AS damage - I cannot for the life of me get this to drop. I honestly DO NOT CARE what the skills are or if it’s L65 as long as it has these 2 stats. I have killed the seer more times than I wish to think about, and tossed out dozens if not hundreds of redundant HE mods.

Shock plaguebearer (150/90 or any)
Cryo Light show (n2m rad or any)
Cryo Soulrender full auto (n2m rad, 150/90)
Elemental x8 Monarchs (any)
Nothingness x1 (150/90)
Re-Charger w/fleet + vagabond (50% cooldown or any)
Revolter w/fleet + vagabond (15% sntl speed, ASS or any)
Infernal wish w/shield boosters (any)
Big dead ringer (any)
It’s Piss (any)
Electric Banjo (any stats)
Toboggan w/ mvmnt speed, AS cooldown, AOE damage
Snowdrift (any, preferably not deathless) w/ AS cooldown, movement speed (x2 preferably)
Cosmic Stalker (+3 big game, decent stats)
Flare (decent stats)
Executor w/ dahl crit, assault rifle damage / generic dmg boosts

Probably more always need more will add if I remember. Thanks!

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I should be able to help you with the Kickcharger and the phasezerker. Will check tomorrow. My psn is x_raytch

Sorry I overpromised a bit.
here is what I got if you want it:

Oh but look what I just dropped

. How about that?

Mailed you a bekah. That corrosive kc would be nice, thanks!

Cheers mate. Even a 1,7 zoom. Nice. Thx.
The KC should be in ur inbox now.

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Happy to help, enjoy! And thanks for the KC!

Yo, you still got a Bekah left? I don’t have any of that stuff you listed but I do have a lvl 72 Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge… I have a couple actually so if you want a specific one let me know… I also have a lvl 72 Seventh Sense.

Still got a few send me a friend request

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WAIT do you still got any? I will send a friend request anyway lol

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Yep still a couple left will contact you on psn shortly

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What u trading for. I play Moze. My psn is Mattgeezy504

I have an infernal wish to send u. I just got it lol

Send me a friend request. I have a few infernal wish already, I’m specifically looking for one that drops shield restore boosters, otherwise you can keep it. I’m happy to send you a bekah regardless.

I have a level 65 infernal wish that has a double rolled shield booster if you straight with a 65

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Would gladly accept that

Just sent you a friend request my brother

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Sorry u gotta reroll it. I can’t find my 65 one. I think I sold it accidentally when the lvl capped again. Sorry.