Offering Lvl 64 Leg. Reaper or Lvl 64 Leg. Hoarder for Lvl 64 Leg. Nurse

Hello all! :slight_smile:

My friend is playing a Siren and it’s been a few days since we’ve been all about farming Tubbies.
The only Mods spawning for her are either Gunzerker or Psycho Mods :confused:
I’m playing Krieg and the Leg. Sickle is all I need :grinning: so I feel bad about letting her behind with her blue Nurse COM!

I will gladly offer either of these for a Lvl 64 Legendary Nurse COM,
why not both for a Legendary Nurse and a Legendary Binder COMs.

I’m on Steam as spicyhiro
Add me and let’s trade! :wink:

EDIT: I’ll be on tonight, just leave a comment if you wanna get on.
EDIT 2: We farmed again and got a Leg. Sickle with +43% Melee Damage :grin: