Offering Lvl 71 Sham (92%) on PS3

Pretty much what the title says. It’s not perfect as it’s only 92% and 211023 capacity (at lvl 71) but hey, it’s pretty darn close. If this would be of use to you let me know. I don’t really know what I want in return for it - not super picky. I played mostly a hybrid melee zer0 for well over a year, in recent months I’ve started to build up a Subsequence Maya.

I’m not super clear on the etiquette for this section of the board. Mods, apologies if any of this is in the wrong. I just don’t use the shield and figure someone else might want it, and don’t really know what to ask in exchange. Never done this before, just sick of it taking up the slot in my inventory - I’ve finally just accepted I’m never going to use it. I’m sacrificing stuff at the altar but figured this was too good a piece of gear to just throw away like that!

Can provide a low-qual pic of my TV screen showing all the stats from my inventory if necessary.

edit: Done some thinking and things I am definitely interested in include the Stormfront Grenade Mod and perhaps a Slag Rapier? Items at level 72 are all that interest me, as of now am not planning on doing OP levels.

Are you trading for the sham/rapier or giving them away