Offering op8 Digistruct Runs or general OP level help

Hi, If anyone’s still on PS3 :grin:…offering to help people do Digistruct runs to gain OP levels and/or any other tricky thing you could use another player for at op8. I have all chars to op8 but my main is the Siren (happy to play others on request though). I’m not the greatest at Raid Bosses, but always happy to take a shot, pretty confident on all but Dragons and Vorac. I don’t play with glitchers (pimperhabbing), cheesers (the infinity bee/stormfront/shamfleet crowd) or modders (duh).

I have gear for trading as well, just ask.

So basically anyone running a bee and a decent gun isn’t allowed? Beehawking, beepitchfork, any shotgun, basically you want to restrict what guns people use? Nice dude…

No, I just don’t like playing with folks who run exclusively those beehawking or infinity bee setups, there’s definitely a time and place for the bee, but I personally find it dull playing with people who exclusively use it for everything. Just my preference, play your game however you want.

And the ‘modders (duh)’ comment?

Must resist the urge to correct you.